About Us

The Halo Team

Who we are

Jean – Founder

A smoker for twenty years (you can read about her struggles to give up on our blog), it was Jean who recognised the potential of the electronic cigarette. After horrible experiences with nicotine patches, when her arms became inflamed, she loved the thought of an alternative smoking product which looked and felt like an cigarette – but without the same awful tobacco properties.

James – Chairman & Co Founder

James is the creator and main writer on The Ashtray Blog. He has also made all our movies about the e-cigarette – as you can see from them, when he is not about to beaten up by a Hungarian gangster he enjoys vaping an e-cigarette with a beer.

Jon – Managing Director

Jon is our General Manager. He has a keen eye for details and keeps everything running smoothly. Jon is heavily involved in the direction of the company, from overseeing new product ideas and marketing plans, to rallying the troops, he’s an important figure and a character in the company.

Jo & The Customer Services Team

Jo heads up our customer service team and is always happy to help. It doesn’t matter how big the problem, or tricky the question, Jo will help you with anything and everything from placing your order to helping with product issues. The customer is always first, just ask Jo!

Will – Product Manager & Mixologist

Will is a keen vaper and probably the best cloud chaser in the company. He has a keen eye for what’s hot and what’s not. He can often be found trying to break the latest kit to make sure that you don’t. He is skilled with a pipette and flavourings, mixing up delightful flavours and sending them out to our Halo Panel for testing before we put them into production.

About The Product

During our initial research we passed over cheaper versions of the same product for an electronic cigarette that was:

  • more reliable
  • purchased directly from a responsible and established manufacturer, not a middle man trading company.
  • gave greater satisfaction
  • had been tested and received the appropriate ROHS and CE certification on the whole product.

About the Company

EcigaretteDirect is a small company. That means:

  • we have time for individual customers.
  • when you have problems, you don’t get automated replies with your name inserted by a computer programme into an email – you get the personal attention you need.
  • unlike some large corporations, it is easy to get in contact with us: you can either telephone Jean on 01792 391384 or email us on [email protected] and we will give our immediate attention to any query.
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