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Welcome to the ECigaretteDirect E-Cig FAQ section! Here you will find everything you ever wanted to know about electronic cigarettes. 

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It depends which flavour you choose. Both refills and eliquids come in many different flavours. Many people like to start off on one of the range of tobacco flavours available, but find they quickly graduate to other flavours.
The electronic cigarette is not sold or approved as a smoking cessation device. However with the right strength of nicotine and some willpower, many users are able to switch from traditional cigarettes completely.
With Halo electronic cigarettes, you get all the sensation of smoking with none of the odours of tobacco. You may notice that there is faint smell of the flavour that you’ve chosen, but this is barley noticeable and dissipates very quickly.
There is no risk of passive smoking when using electronic cigarettes. The smell can linger for a short while so we always ask that you are courteous when using your electronic cigarette in a new environment.

This depends on the device that you are using. Generally, cigalikes are shorter than other types of devices thanks to the short length of cartridges and cigalike batteries. To make sure you don’t feel intimidated by your ecig, here’s a guide to device sizes.Cigalike standard battery: 6.5 cmCigalike kingsize battery: 8 cm

King size cartridge: 5 cm

Cigalike standard battery with king size cartridge: 11.4cm

Cigalike kingsize battery with king size cartridge: 12.9 cm

For tank battery and clearomisers please see individual product pages (link to categories).

Tank devices are longest, featuring straight cylindrical batteries.

Spinner and Aspire BDC – 7.5”

Atlantis Tank & Aspire Sub ohom battery – 7”

Halo 650mAh battery with H2 – 5.5”

You can use Halo electronic cigarettes anywhere where you can use traditional cigarettes. Electronic cigarette use is not restricted by the smokefree act, so you can technically use them anywhere, but you should always ask the venue manager when using your electronic cigarette for the first time in a new location.
Yes! Exact savings are hard to calculate, as everyone uses ecigs in different ways, and exact usage depends on how long you puff, how frequently you puff e.t.c. However, we estimate that the average 20 a day smoker will save well over £1800 a year. (One of our customers even bought a house with her savings – see here for the full story as featured in the Daily Mail [link]
Anyone over the age of 18 can purchase Halo, and all other electronic cigarette products on our website. Please check the list of destination countries if you are ordering from outside the UK [link].
You can buy Halo products in all Smoker’s Angel shops and approved resellers. For a list of Smoker’s Angel shops, please click here [link] https://www.ecigarettedirect.co.uk/shops/smokers-angel-electronic-cigarette-stores .
For your first order we recommend that you start off with a Micro kit, and maybe a pack of extra cartridges. If you are a moderate smoker, we’d recommend 1.8 cartridges to start off with. For a heavy user, 2.4 might be more satisfying. [Link to: https://www.ecigarettedirect.co.uk/which-kit-is-for-you.html]
To place an order on the website, add your desired items to the cart and click checkout to enter payment and shipping details to complete your order. Alternatively, you can call your customer services team on 01792 852843.
If you have received a promotional code for use on the site, you can use this by entering it in the coupon code field at the basket. Once entered, you will see your discount applied to your order.
We aim to send out all orders placed before 2pm on the same day. 95% of these arrive the next day. You can choose from Royal Mail first class (free for orders over £39.99) or Interlink Express (UK mainland only).
If you have selected Interlink Express for your delivery you will receive a text message or email with the date and time the courier service will attempt delivery of your order. If you have selected Royal Mail this will be sent via recorded delivery if over £39.99, or if a kit has been purchased. If you would like us to track these detials for you, please contact us on 01792 852843 or email [email protected] where we can provide you with a tracking number. Any orders that are under £39.99 will be sent First class Royal Mail.
As we work very hard to dispatch orders as quckly as possible, it is vital you contact us immediately so we can stop your order from being processed. Please email us at [email protected] or call us on 01792 852843.
If you need to return an item for whatever reason, please visit this page (cancellations) or email us on [email protected]
We aim to send out all orders placed before 2pm on the same day. 95% of these arrive the next day. You can choose from Royal Mail first class (free for orders over £39.99) or Interlink Express (UK mainland only).
To create a new account on ECigarettedirect, simply click on the button labelled “Sign In/Create Account”, enter your email address, name and a few other details and you’re ready to start taking advantage of all the wonderful membership benefits we have on offer. [link to benefits page]
Having an account comes with an array of great benefits: – save name and address for quick reordering – earn points on every purchase, and redeem them off future purchases – sales and discount codes – regular giveaways – tutorials, downloads and blog posts – updates on new products.
To change your password, click on the login button at the top of the page to start your password recovery. Below username and password fields, click on “forgotten password”. We will email a password reset link to your email address if there is an account associated with it.

Below username and password fields, click on “forgotten password”. We will email a password reset link to your email address if there is an account associated with it.If you are still having problems, you can email [email protected], along with your full name and the email address that you’re registered with and we will try to help. Alternatively, you can call 01792 852843 to speak to a friendly customer service advisor.

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You can pick up a Halo Micro kit and start vaping for as little as £7.99! The Micro kit includes 1 battery, two traditional flavoured cartridges and a USB stub charger
Unlike traditional cigarettes where you can only choose from roll up tobacco or pre made cartons, there are a number of different types of electronic cigaretes to satisfy people’s requirements. These have been developed in response to the demand for intermediate and advanced vapers for more advanced products.1st Generation – Cigalikes, with removable cartridges. You are limited to the flavours that are available in the cartridges. these devices are not refillable.
2nd Generation – Refillable clearomisers and larger battery capacities.
3rd Generation – Mechanical mods and regulated box mods. This is where the technology gets exciting. Third generation devices are for the more experienced vaper, but are becoming more accessible to new users with improved technology and ease of use.For more information on the generations of devices available, click here [link].
It’s easy to get started with electronic cigarettes from Halo. First choose whether you would like a cigalike (looks like a traditional cigarette) or Tank system (larger, refillable). This questionairre will help you: https://www.ecigarettedirect.co.uk/which-kit-is-for-you.html Then simply choose a starter kit, which includes everything you need to get going. You’ll also find tutorials, tips and videos on our ecigarette academy (https://www.ecigarettedirect.co.uk/ashtray-blog/2014/01/ecigarette-college-guides-tutorials-information.html) and great after sales support. For more information, check out our beginners guide here: https://www.ecigarettedirect.co.uk/ashtray-blog/2013/08/beginners-guide-to-electronic-cigarettes.html
We offer FREE UK delivery for all order over £39.99. These orders will be sent via Royal Mail.Here are the delivery costs for orders under £39.99
Royal Mail first Class UK Mainland – £2.99
Interlink Express UK Mainland – £3.99
Europe £6.99 and International £10.99

There are two types of kits that we would recommend to new users, Halo Cigalike, or Halo Tank kits. Cigalike kits are best for people who want a device which looks like a cigarette and is very easy to use. To help choose the correct kit for you, use the questionnaire on this page. https://www.ecigarettedirect.co.uk/which-kit-is-for-you.html

      Halo micro cigalike Kit
      Halo cigalike Kit
      Halo Tank-1 Kit
    Halo Ultra Tank Kit Link to this:

We aim to dispatch all orders placed before 2pm on the same day the order was received. Any order placed after this time may be sent out the next working day.Please note that orders placed on a Friday afternoon may not be dispatched until Monday morning.

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Yes we do, all you have to do is sign up for an account. There are X ways that you can earn reward points.When you make a purchase

When you share a product on Facebook, Twitter or other social media channel.

When it’s your Birthday (we don’t collect this information – this is something we need to remove)

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When you spend more than £XXX in period Y we’ll give you xxx points bonus!

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When you complete an order with your credit card, your card issuer may ask you to perform additional security steps to authorise the transaction, such as 3d secure, Mastercard Securecode, or Verified by Visa.

Credit card payments will appear on your statement as “www.ecigarettedirect.co.uk”
We aim to dispatch all order’s placed before 2pm on the same day. Orders placed after 2pm may not be dispatched out until the next working day.
We ship to the UK, most of Europe, Australia and New Zealand For a full list of the lcocations that we ship to, please take a look at our shipping page here [link]
Nicotine can be harmful in large doses. The quantities present in ecigarettes are low enough that they do not pose a high level of danger to adults using them properly. A peer reviewed study by toxicology experts Bibra classifies eliquid below 2.5% in the same category as washing up eliquid.
If you are a moderate smoker, we recommend you start with 1.8% eliquid, which is what we provide with refillable kits. If you are a heavy smoker, or require a stronger throat hit, try 2.4%. Note that with first and second generation devices you usually need to go one strength above what you usually use. However, with third generation devices such as the Aspire Sub Ohm products, you can usually reduce the amount of nicotine.
All our products are suitable for vegetarians.
Once it’s made, the ingredients in eliquid continue to break down and mix, which develops the flavour. As this happens, eliquid tends to turn a darker shade. It can take months for flavours to finish breaking down to reach their best flavour. Our eliquid is ready to go right out of the bottle, but additional steeping time might help bring out the flavour.
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