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How to Clear a Flooded Tank

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Quick tips on how identify and solved a flooded vape tank

Even experienced vapers sometimes get a flooded vape tank or clearomiser. Fortunately, it’s usually easy to fix. This guide will explain what causes a flooded tank, and what to do about it if it happens to you.

What is a flooded tank?

The term ‘flooded vape tank’ refers to e-liquid gathering in the airflow. It has also been used to describe e-liquid leaking onto the battery connection.

How do you know if you have a flooded tank?

If you inhale on your tank and hear a gurgling noise, you’ll know you’ve got a flooded tank. Alternatively, you may find e-liquid is leaking from the airflow. It’s not just the gurgling noise that is annoying – typically, you’ll also get less vapour, a poor throat hit and reduced nicotine delivery.


What causes a flooded tank?

Any of the following can cause a flooded tank:

1. Firing up your vape before inhaling. Some vapers like to do this to avoid spit back, but it can lead to vapour condensing in the mouth piece.

2. Not changing your coil regularly. As the coil ages, it starts to lose its ability to soak up and vaporise e-liquid. This inefficient operation can lead to e-liquid flooding the mouth piece.

3. Not inhaling correctly. While most smokers take short sharp drags, vaping requires longer, slower drags, with little oxygen taking in.

4. Filling your tank incorrectly. The key here is to ensure your e-liquid does not go down the center tube of the tank. Many modern tanks are built to ensure this doesn’t happen, but its still possible to get e-liquid down the centre tube with older designs.

5. Over-filling. Again, while many tanks have been designed to be fool-proof, it is still possible to over fill some models. Before filling your tank, check to see if there is a line marking where it should be filled too.

6. Using too low a power setting. If you set the power too low, your device will not vapourise all the e-liquid it is absorbing. The best port of call for setting the wattage correctly is usually the instructions that come with the device. These often give an ideal wattage range for the device and tank you are using.

7. Damaged O-rings. Many tanks contain O-rings, which create a seal within the tank. These can get damaged. Fortunately, many kits and tanks now come with replacement O-rings.

8. Loose tank connections.

How do you clear a flooded vape tank?

Hopefully you’ve already got some ideas from the causes above, but if not, here’s a checklist of things to do.

1. Remove the mouth piece from the tank and blow through it.
2. Clean the mouth piece with a cotton bud or tissue.
3. Remove the tank and give it a flick.
4. Check the O ring in the tank is not broken.
5. Clean your tank as described here.
6. Change the coil.

This should work for most tank designs, but do bear in mind that there are often quirks that come with different tanks. If the above doesn’t work, do try contacting your supplier, as they often come to know the different quirks that come with different tanks, and how to fix them!


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