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We are a fun, fast growing, values led employer who believes in putting people before profits. If you are energetic, passionate and driven, and would like to make a real difference to people’s lives, then we want to hear from you!

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E-Cigarette Direct Staff
E-Cigarette Direct Staff

8 Reasons to work for E-Cigarette Direct

  1. We are a Living Wage employer.*
  2. Opportunity to earn great bonuses
  3. You can make a real difference to people’s lives.
  4. A value-led family business where people come first.
  5. Opportunities for personal and career development.
  6. Open communication with everyone from colleagues to directors.
  7. Generous staff discounts.

*And yes, that means we pay more than the government “living” wage.

What sort of people are we looking for?

People who:

  1. share our values
  2. bring passion and energy to everything you do
  3. will fit into a fun and collaborative environment
  4. want to develop personally and professionally
  5. have empathy and compassion for colleagues, customers and suppliers

Our Values

Proactivity: We value people who think about the company, and take ownership of the issues and problems they encounter. This doesn’t necessarily mean working on your own, but it may mean taking responsibility for an issue until it is resolved.

Honesty: We value honesty, and we also realise that to have an honest culture we need to avoid a blame culture. That means when you make a mistake (and everyone does from time to time!) we don’t point fingers and instead work together to resolve the issue.

Empathy: Probably our favourite value! Empathy doesn’t necessarily mean agreeing with the other person, but looking at problems through their eyes. Empathy leads to a new understanding of problems, and helps issues to be solved amicably, quickly and with respect.

Respect: At E-Cigarette Direct it’s a fundamental belief that everyone, from the Managing Director to the cleaners, should be treated with equal respect.

Mutual Support: We are at our very best when we work together and look after each other – in and out of work.

These core values remain under constant review and we’re always open to ideas from all our colleagues about our values.

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What Our Staff Say

How would you describe the company and the working environment?

“ Everyone is knowledgeable and easy to talk to. No question is a stupid question. It’s a honour and a pleasure to work for the company. ”

“ The culture at ECD is very collaborative, senior managers are open to ideas and suggestions and you feel that your suggestions are genuinely welcomed. ”

“ Great place to work! Good ethos, relaxed attitude, yet busy. Fun place to be. ”

“ Laid back approach but serious at the same time! Incredible environment to work in! ”

“ Best company I’ve ever worked for, the best thing about this company is not you’re not just an employee number, you actually help make this business a success. ”

“ It’s like one big family. I think the fact that it is a family run business it makes the atmosphere so laid back and comfortable. ”

“ I felt welcomed into the family unit from day one, supportive and understanding and i’m still happy with my job to this day! ”

What do you enjoy most about your job?

“ Coffee…only joking. The staff mainly, everyone is just so bubbly and it really does make everyday feel different. ”

“ When you see customers who came to you for help and come back a few weeks later and thank you and inform you they have successfully made the switch. ”

“ Introducing people to something new and surprising customers with flavours they would have never otherwise tried. ”

“ Meeting so many different people on a daily basis, Seeing how transitioning has improved their lives, It gives me that little warm feeling inside. ”

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