Halo Menthol E-Cigarette Starter Kit

Video Script

Hi there, this is James here from ECigaretteDirect.co.uk.

Menthol e-cigarettes are my favourite, and today I just wanted to show you what’s in our menthol starter kit, and how to use it.

In The Box

In the kit you get ten cartridges. Five with 1.2% nicotine, five with 1.8% nicotine. This is ideal for trying the different cartridges, and seeing which strength suits you. Personally, I prefer the higher strength.
You also get two Smoker’s Halo lithium ion batteries, and I recommend keeping one on charge while you use the other one.

You also get a USB charger, which can be plugged into a computer or USB adaptor. I use a multi-port charger so I can charge several batteries at the same time.

Charging the Battery

When you get the kit, make sure you give the battery a good charge, at least two hours, even if the light shows it is fully charged. This will condition the battery.

How to Use the Smoker’s Halo Menthol E-Cigarette Kit

Once you have charged your battery, using it just couldn’t be easier. Simply screw the cartomiser into the battery, inhale and enjoy.

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