The Halo Tank-1 Refillable E-Cigarette Kit

Video Script

Hi, This is James from, The Smoker’s Angel, here, and I’d just like to show you our Smoker’s Halo Tank-1 Kit and how to use it.

What’s In The Box?

  • 1 powerful 1000 AMP battery which can last for several days before you need to recharge it
  • you also get a CE4 clearomiser, we do upgrade our clearomisers regularly, so by the time you see this video this might have changed
  • you also get a USB charger
  • and a bottle of eliquid in a flavour of your choice

Charging the battery

The USB adaptor that comes with the kit can be plugged into a computer, a TV with a USB adaptor, a USB port or into any USB adaptor.
Alternatively, you can buy an optional USB adaptor from us.

Simply plug it in, and you can plug this into any household socket.

When you get the kit, it’s very important you give the battery a good charge. We recommend at least four hours. The green light may come on to indicate the battery is fully charged. Ignore it, as this is a lithium ion battery and can not be over charged.

By giving it a good charge at the start of its life, you condition the battery and ensure a long battery life.

Filling the clearomiser

Filling the clearomiser is quite simple.

Simply take off the mouth piece, insert the nozzle, and squeeze. There is an inner tube inside the clearomiser. When you do this, you must be very careful the eliquid does not go down the inner tube.

The first time you use your Halo Tank System, you need to press the button five times to turn it on. A blue light will indicate it’s on.

Then simply press the button, inhale and enjoy.

Thank you for watching!

You can also press the button five times to turn it off. Very handy when you want to keep it in your pocket.

I hope this demo has helped you get the most from your Smoker’s Halo tank system.

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