New Year Vaping Sets

Are you looking to switch to e-cigs for 2018 for your New Year’s Resolution? Our product experts have put together the perfect New Year offers for new vapers looking to use electronic cigarettes for the first time. These vape bundles provide you with everything you need to get started – and some great savings at the same time!

PLUS! Get 20% off Halo e-liquid in February when you buy any qualifying vaping starter set!

Aspire PockeX Complete Vape Set

Perfect for anyone looking to switch to e-cigs, this bundle includes everything you need – including the super convenient all-in-one Aspire PockeX, making it an ideal introduction to vaping.

Was £56.95. Now £51.99

Jac Series S-17 Complete Vaping Set

With everything you need to get started, this bundle includes the fantastic Jac S17 E-Cigarette Kit, 5 spare coils, 4 x 10ml bottles of Halo Vapour Co. E-Liquid, plus USB adapter for wall plug charging!

Was £56.44. Now £42.99

What should you use for your first device?

When using e-cigarettes for the first time, we recommend using devices which are easy to use and give a similar experience to traditional cigarettes.

These devices are easy to use, and they provide an experience similar to that of a cigarette. Higher end devices can be complicated to use, and the experience can be quite different to smoking.

Choosing the best combinations of battery, tank and charger can be confusing. So we’ve taken the guesswork away and put the perfect combinations together in these beginner vape bundles.

Essential Need to Know for New Vapers

  1. When using a refill system, fill your tank (the part that holds your e-liquid) 10 minutes before vaping. This allows your coil to soak in the e-liquid, and means it won’t get burnt out.
  2. Inside the tank there is a coil. This is used to turn the e-liquid into vapour. You’ll need to replace these from time to time.
  3. When you inhale with an e-cigarette, you inhale for longer than you do with a cigarette. Go for a longer, smoother slower inhale rather than a short sharp one.

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