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Thank you for changing my life

I just want to say I haven’t looked back since buying my first Ecigs from you  in September.  Haven’t bought a packet of cigarettes since then and actually prefer the Ecig.

Also want to say how efficient you are as a company with regard to informative website and especially speed of orders.

Thank you for changing my life.



What a Lifesaver

A lifelong heavy smoker, I tried all ways to give up cigarettes – patches, gum, cold turkey, even the cheap disposable e-cigarettes. Nothing worked. On the advice of friends, and following an exhaustive internet search, I decided to try the Halo.

What a life-changer.

I first bought the Electronic Cigarette kit on the two-for-one offer, handing the spare kit to my partner to try. Within days I had stopped smoking cigarettes completely. Within a week I felt much healthier – my skin and eyes cleared up, my breath came back, I can smell and taste food again, I’m full of energy and I feel clean inside and out. My partner, another convert, is the same.

I have upgraded to the Ultra Tank, using American Red, and I am looking forward to trying other flavours. A bottle of coffee flavour is in the post. My partner has become a fan of the cherry flavour.

I don’t normally gush over products but I felt I had to add my voice to the widespread praise for yours. The service has been impeccable. If anyone is reading this wondering whether to take the plunge, I can only say: don’t hesitate. You will not regret it. It’s a wonderful way to give up cigarettes without the agony of nicotine withdrawal. I have all the pleasure of ‘smoking’ with none of the downside. I am one happy convert to vaping and one happy customer of The Smoker’s Angel.

Steven Wyatt, Salisbury.

Thank you for your informative newsletter

I’d never have thought it but I’ve had my halo tank kit for two days and I haven’t had a cigarette for over twenty four hours!!! I didn’t decide to try and stop smoking but I’ve found it’s been no hardship at all and I seem to prefer the clearomiser- I’m using the apple flavour liquid and my teenage son remarked that every now and then he gets a nice whiff of apple aroma which he obviously prefers to the hand rolled tobacco smell.

I haven’t saved money as my partner buys all our tobacco but that’s not the issue for me as my mother passed away two years ago from lung cancer so some things are more important than money – this seems to be a life saver and I worry about over regulation resulting in people having access to these products restricted which could result in a raised mortality rate. A novel idea would be to let people have a free choice and be responsible for their own lives instead of being infantilised by government interference.


I just can’t praise you or product enough 


I’m not usually given to emailing companies but you ARE the exception. I ordered your standard starter kit yesterday afternoon (Friday) at 2pm and they arrived this morning (Sat) 9.30am.  Absolutely brilliant!

I have been a user of e-cigs since January 2012, first of all using Skycig, which I thought were brilliant, but over time I reducedthe nicotine content with a view to getting to 0%.  They, however, don’t do 0% yet, so I switched brands and tried Greensmoke (didn’tcare much for their menthol taste, although the system seemed very good) and settled on Vapestick menthol.  Their system, however, is quite hit and miss, and I feel as if I need to buy more cartridges and batteries than I expected. 

Your system, however, is BRILLIANT on both counts – superb menthol flavour (for me at least) and the system seems equally first class-so far!

 The mini kit which came free with the starter kit is a marvellous alternative to the ‘mock cigarette’ packets normally supplied, andis actually quite ‘elegant’. 

Needless to say I am now going to your website to order more cartridges, and a wall plug – and can’t wait for 0% Menthol to be availablein the King Size – have you any indication of when that is likely to be?

 I just can’t praise you or product enough – will be a lifelong user, as I actually enjoy the ‘physical’ hand to mouth, inhaling etc andagree with some new ‘expert’ opinion that seems to suggest nicotine is only a very small part of the reason people continue to smoke. 

Again, many, many thanks and I am so pleased to have found you – will tell everyone I know about you. 

Lyn Edwards

It’s so real in terms of smoking experience

I just wanted to say this is amazing! I ordered it yesterday, it arrived this morning, now all charged up and I’m using it. It’s so real in terms of smoking experience, a bit heavy but I can get over that, and at bit weird in that I don’t need an ashtray and after years of being careful, can lay it on the table. It will solve the issue of me smoking out the window first thing in the morning (it affects my husband, he smokes at night), and we won’t have to do a heap of roll ups when going out! Fantastic! Thank you 🙂 


Dr Laura-Lee Marriott, Ph.D., FHEA, PG Cert HE
Assistant Programme Leader PG Cert HE
Senior Lecturer Education Studies

A wonderful product which not only successfully replaces the ‘real thing’, but ‘betters’ it by far! 

Adrian with electronic cigarette in hand.

In July of 2011, having found the cost of cigarette and tobacco increasing to unbelievable extents, plus certain ‘disquieting’ health alarms occurring, I finally decided to try my first E-Cig, that of another well known brand (but not nearly as good as the kind produced and sold by ).
The very first day was  scary, with the last 2 rolled up cigarettes I had left in my tin, once gone, my last ever ‘real’ cigarettes, the electronic one on my desk being charged, ready for me to make the switch once my two final regular cigarettes had been smoked and stubbed out. I was nervous, wondering what on earth I had let myself in for. Inevitably, the clock forward-ticked, and the final ‘proper’ cigarette had been used, and came the time to try my first ever E-Cig…
In the first instance, drawing on the new device felt strange, heavier in weight, metal rather than paper and tobacco, the first few drags oily and ‘machine-like’ in taste, but I did feel a certain satisfaction, already knowing that I was saying goodbye to the sheer hassle of matches and lighters, prohibitions from trains, buses, places of entertainment etc, cigarette burns on clothes and furniture, awful dark-yellow stains on nails and fingers, exhaling the ‘stage-smoke’ vapor with a smile, knowing that I was in the process of setting myself free from all of these previous things, and quietly enjoying the experience. I was finding within the first 2 hours of becoming an E-Cig smoker that already I did not wish to drag quite so much as I knew that what I held in my hand was NOT going to burn down to the stub, and I had no need to ‘justify’ the high price paid for regular cigarettes by taking far too many puffs, in order to ‘get my money’s worth’ and, in the process, further compromising my health.
I made my first day successfully, and toward the end of that day had fallen in love with the ‘new experience’, hoping that I could last a full week…
The close of the first week as an E-Cigger duly arrived, and behind me I had not only successfully made the transition to electronic cigarettes but on one occasion had, unusually for me, refused a friend’s offer of a cigarette out on the street, unheard of, but I had done it…;) Only E-Cigs for me now!
I started smoking at age 19 for the most facile of reasons, to supposedly ‘look cool’ at gigs in Central London during the English Mod Revival of 1979, choosing the brands Cocktail Sobrani and Black Russian, with their gold filter tips (to go with my suits), smoking these only at the gigs on Friday or Saturday nights and never during the rest of the week until, horror of horrors, one day I left for work mid-week, deciding I needed to go into a Newsagent’s to buy a packet of less-glamorous cigarettes;  I was now hooked, and smoked regular cigarettes and rolling tobacco until I made the E-Cig switch, at age 51.
Disatisfied afer a year eventually on the initial brand of E-Cig I tried, I discovered, finding their variety not only more substantial in size, but with a great range of colours, burgandy, silver, black  and natural white, cartridges containing their own atomisers (unlike my first brand). The smoke-value was far more impressive, the throat-hit convincing and wholly satisfying, and no leaking E-Fluid from the cartridge like my previous selection, which was a great relief too! The Smoker’s Angel was now my preferred brand and, hey, they even supply a fantastic E-Cigarette case to hold them in!
Many thanks to this excellent company for a wonderful product which not only successfully rplaces the ‘real thing’, but ‘betters’ it by far!  

Adrian Fox

Jan on a cruise.

Above, Jan, one of our customers, enjoys her ecig on a cruise. 

Thank you to Lindsay for sending us this lovely poem:

Diagnosed with COPD

No more cigarettes for me
What could I do, I liked the taste
Went to e-cigarette with much haste

Cigarettes without the bad bits
Made it easy to kick the habit
They come in lots of different flavours
For me to try and quickly savour

The prices are great
Delivery is never late
So give Smokers Angel a go
And try their range of Halo

I can now puff away indoors marvelous

I am 81 years young and have been smoking 20 fags a day for over 60 years,I don’t have a smokers cough and now that I have changed to your cigarette’s with luck, I never will have. I have tried many times to give up to no avail, I NJOY holding a fag and puffing especially with a drink, I can now puff away indoors marvelous. My wife thinks I am the ANGEL and should have the HALO.

Arthur Flood


 How the ‘Smokers Angel has changed my life – AND OTHERS’!!!

My name is Kerrie, I’m 33, mum to Olivia (4) Harry (1) and wife to NON SMOKING Russel!

I was a heavy tobacco smoker for 20 years, ( started smoking at 13.

I tried to give up smoking many times over the years for all of the usual reasons = money, health but never actually managed it.

When I became pregnant with our much longed for little girl – Olivia, I REALLY tried. I didnt succeed. Russel and I argued endlessy about it and I cut down to just a few I couldn’t manage without, but the guilt I felt was unreal, I worried endlessly about Olivias health and was so relieved when she was born healthy and strong.

When I actually held her for the first time I felt worse for smoking throughout my pregnancy, now that ‘this baby’ was real, I realised how wrong it had been. So, I stubbed out – gave up. It was really hard, I still craved a ciggi all day everyday. Every time I smelt a ciggerette I wanted one. The trouble is, I actually enjoy smoking, if it were not so dangerous I’d happily carry on puffing away. Anyway, 6 weeks along and I caved in and started again. 4 years on and i was still puffing away (outside the house of course), when my dad introduced me to “The Smokers Angel”.

He arrived at my house and kindly gave me a starter kit saying,” Try this, you won’t look back”! I dutifully said “thanks” and chucked it in the back of a cupboard!!

3 months later and a family crisis had occurred. I arrived at my mums one day to be greeted by my cousin Lisa and my Auntie Sally in tears. Lisa has suffered with anorexia for years and had recently lost control and plummeted to a life threatening weight of 5 stone. A visit to her clinician had resulted in a full medical being undertaken with very very serious results. Lisa’s potassium levels were dangerously low meaning she could have a heart attack at any moment and her kidneys were not functioning. The bottom line was that she had to eat!

In true anorexic stlye Lisa had hit a wall, she just couldnt do it. We all encouraged her and offered as much support as we could but it didnt appear to be helping. So, I suggested a challenge. Lisa had been given 3 weeks to put on weight before she would be sectioned to hospital and tube fed. I told her that if she managed to stay out of hospital (her biggest fear) and put on weight in the next 3 weeks – I would give up smoking!!

Now, everyone knows how I like to smoke AND how difficult i found it to give up, so she accepted the challenge. Everyday she texted me telling me her progress with photos of her eating her food whilst I went into full scale panic. Obviously I couldnt let her down, this was a life or death situation and she was managing to eat her way through anorexia so I knew I would have to give up. Thats when I remembered ‘the smokers angel’ in the back of the cupboard! So, I got it out, charged it up and vowed that the next morning I would convert from a ‘smoker’ to a ‘vaper’!

The following morning I woke up with a knotted stomach, I felt anxious and stressed about the challenge that lay ahead. I made myself a cup of tea and attched the cartridge to the battery and took a long hard drag……. I coughed, slputtered and tried again (not so hard this time) and I was away……. after a few drags I thought “hmmm this is okay actually”. So, that day is the day that changed my life.

3 months on and I really havent looked back. I LOVE VAPING!! After a few days Olivia said to me “mummy, you dont smell anymore”!! Olivia had never told me that I stunk of ciggarettes, I guess its ‘just how mummy smelt’ before, but i was so proud that i had managed to kick the ciggs and no longer had to let my kids have a stinky mummy! I’m so pleased that i was able to fulfil my side of the bargain with Lisa, the challenge was the only thing that motivated her. Lisa continues with her recovery, she has put on 5lb (its a slow process) but shes heading in the right direction and managed to avoid hopitalisation.

We all (and Lisa)went on a family holiday to Greece in september and i cant tell you how nice it was to be able to relax on the flight and have a vape! Also, I’ve come to hate the smell of cigarettes, I will NEVER go back to smoking – I’m a VAPER not a SMOKER!


0 real cigarettes sinse I started with my Halo Electronic cigarette.

Christoffer Åbacka

Nursing Home Rescue!

Yes thank you it arrived safely.

I got it for my partner who had a stroke just after Christmas last year and is now in a nursing which home which as with most places these days is none smoking.

As he is also blind and unable to walk so his one little pleasure was having a smoke which I took him outside for every day but I started to worry about the cold weather, then a worker from Leonard Cheshire (outreach services ) suggested the e cigarette so I did some research on the internet and your product stood out.

I showed your information to the Matron and she agreed that he would be allowed to use it when I went up.

He has taken to it well so I will say thank you.

If you want to use any of this correspondence as recomendation feel free to do so.

Yours faithfully
Mary Watterson.

My Mum with her e-cigarette

She’s getting on really well with them. I am the one who buys her e-cigarette stuff for her and find your company very good on customer service, communication and speed of delivery. Mum’s name is Mrs. Rachel Blick of Rothesay, Isle of Bute and she loves being able to smoke again in public – even on the ferry now to the mainland. And at bingo, in shops and everywhere. She’s just really pleased!

Kind regards,


Shute Theatre Video

Thanks so much to the Shute Theatre for taking a break from rehearsals to shoot this review for us!


CAM-VIP Review: Extract from a review of our mini-kit on

“The Halo was now winning hands down. Simple to use, nice case (both female reviewers btw) and clear instructions on how to get replacement parts. They both decided to take the Halo kit away with them and left me with the intellicigs.”



The doctors have agreed to a hip replacement, mainly because I am no longer a smoker

thanks for checking Jean but everything is great I bought enough in my last order to last into the new year. I am delighted to say that it is 8 weeks today since I had my last conventional cigarette and I have no intention of smoking again, vaping yes, I am also pleased to say the doctors have agreed to a much needed hip replacement, mainly because I am no longer a smoker. I wish I had been introduced to ecigs a long while ago. Can I also thank you and your team for the prompt service and support. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you all Linda


Margaret Bills: The best anti-smoking product I have used

This Angel Cigarette is the best anti smoking product I have used – and I can use it at work

Jane Perry: The Halo ones you sent are fabulous!

Just to let you know I received my e-liquids yesterday and must say they are very good!! I have been getting my e-liquid from a company in the USA, they were recommended to me by my son in-law who lives in Australia. I played around with e-cigs for a while at first, using them mainly indoors and wherever I couldn”t ‘light up’ I found they were good but didn’t quite give me the umph (for want of a better word) I needed!! Then in October last year I visited my Daughter in Australia, sampled many of her husbands e-liquids and tried a tank system!! That was it!!! I had found my perfect e-cig and favourite e-liquid. I soon discovered that the liquids I had been buying from a few company’s in this country were nowhere near as good as from this company in the USA. Having said all that, I must say the Halo ones you sent are fabulous and don’t have the extra shipping costs (you could sell them in bigger bottles though). I WAS eagerly awaiting an arrival of e-juice from the US at the moment (as have just about run out), but these Halo liquids have arrived just in the nicotime (pardon the pun)!! Thank you so much, I will buy some of your e-liquids in future.

I don’t believe you can be beaten on price, service, reliability and ease of use

Hi Jean,

Very rarely am I prompted to write a testimonial, the reason being is that the service or product should not only meet my expectations but far exceed them which is a tough criteria to set. However in the case of your company and products I can safely say they do both.

As a smoker for many years I have tried numerous devices and options to help me come down, save money or give up. It, with many other smokers failure has usually been the result. In reality the main reason for failure is quite simple I just didn’t want to give up

By chance I came across your website and saw the potential for saving money and perhaps more importantly to me being able to smoke again in my own home (no other members of the household smoke so effectively I have been reduced to smoking on the back doorstep).

I ordered the HALO menthol starter kit which arrived very promptly, I was first impressed how easy it was to set up and use, simply charge up screwing the refill and smoke! Nothing could be simpler. What surprised me most was that I actually enjoyed using it, my craving for a cigarette was satisfied and for the first time in many years I was sat indoors having a relaxed smoke, just like the good old days!.

Obviously all smokers are different but I believe we have three things in common,

  • craving for nicotine
  • taste for the tobacco
  • physical action, of smoking i.e. doing something with one’s hands

I believe the electronic cigarette meets these needs and more, I have been using the HALO cigarette for the past few weeks and no longer purchase conventional cigarettes, at this moment in time I have no intention of giving up smoking. I’m saving money, doing less damage to my health and perhaps more importantly not affecting others around me.

There are many products on the market similar to yours it’s true but I don’t believe you can be beaten on price, service, reliability and ease of use and of course peace of mind with genuine guarantees and customer support. In short your service is second to none and the products speak for themselves.

Please feel free to use this testimonial as you see fit, I will be putting together a short video at a later date.

Joe Rhodes

First Try

Thanks to Chris for sending in this video of his mother trying the HALO e-cigarette for the first time.

I have tried many ecigs … this is the best by far

I have tried many ecigs since giving up smoking in May, but I’ve got to say that this is the best by far. I actually feel like I’m still smoking but without the smell and stains on my fingers. This ecig is absolutly brilliant, and I will definatly be buying some more, I have got my eye on the burgandy one, very nice, and the menthol cartridges are the best I’ve ever tasted, Well done ECigarette Direct.


Easy to Use

Just a quick up date to say this product is top notch easy to use I am supprised you have any starter midi kits left, easy to use saves a fourtune and a truly unbelievable price.

Great company to order from and such quick delivery, gone from smoking 10 to 15 a day to 1 or 2 sometimes none can’t say enough about these E cigs.

Thanks a million a very happy customer

Kind regards from Martin

Sent from my iPod

I felt I had to write and thank you

Good Morning Jean

I felt I had to write and thank you for the ecigarette I bought from you recently.

I was a little sceptical about it before I bought it, It is a lot of money for me to spend on a product if it doesn’t work but I am totally and fully happy with the product.

I have smoked a lot more than ever this last 12 months because of my situation. I donated a Kidney to my Nephew in March this year and sitting around for 3 months while I was off work ended up with me smoking over 30 cigarettes per day, However……I bought the ecigarette from you on Monday, received it on Tuesday (very fast service, thank you) and once it was fully charged I first took my first puff at about 5pm the same day and I have not smoked a real cigarette since.

I did try to light one because the battery went flat while I was at work but after 1 drag (just lighting it) I didn’t like the taste and put it straight back out. I have 12 cigarettes in the draw and I am not even tempted to grab for them.

Even the first cigarette on the morning is easily squashed with this product. I have emailed your website around work and also to friends and family so I hope to get more orders for you.

Please feel free to add this to your website

Thank you very much and I will be contacting you for refills when required,

Thank you very much

Ian Ferguson


Halo ecig is still the top ecig

Have tested a few ecigs on the market now, and can confirm that Halo ecig is still the top ecig. The poorest was xxxx, that tasted of burnt plastic.

The difference between the different brands is actually massive. Some brands last 10 minutes, inclusive of the battery life. Fancy packaging which attracts people, but no substance.




Great Company and People

“The Ecigarette has helped me no end and it is the best product i have, just like a real cigarette and it is nice to know i can now smoke to my hearts content in the warm, also my youngest Granddaughter suffers real bad Asthma and i am now allowed to smoke in my daughters home with it, as they are all none smokers they are pleased as well, i shall be ordering again real soon from you and recommend you to all my smoking friends.Thank you for all your help and kindness.Great Company and People.”

Celia Hayes

Ecigarettes are totally and unbelievably wonderful!!!

“I have been a determined smoker for 53 years, and did not particularly want to give up – I felt bullied by the fanatic anti-smoking crusade. However, the recent increases in the cost of cigarettes and rolling tobacco made me feel that I was really spending more money than I could afford. I decided to try the electronic cigarette to save money, perhaps using the ecigarette during the day, and smoking the ‘real thing’ in the evening.

“I was amazed and thrilled with the halo cigarette. Not only does it taste like tobacco, gives one the nicotine hit, and you can even still blow smoke rings – and it cost less, and causes less harm. What is not to like?

“Moreover, I really do not want or crave the real thing anymore. I may smoke a real cigarette if one if offered, or perhaps have the occasional ‘roly’ in the evening from my dwindling tobacco pouch, but I truly do not miss them.

“The service from Ecigarette Direct, or from Smokers Angel is fast, reliable and friendly.

“Thankyou again and again.”


2 mins on my halo and the craving has gone

vaping in the garden

Had a craving for a cig this morning, 2 mins on my halo and the craving has gone, brilliant, should have bought one ages ago very happy with the product, have recommended this to my friends.


No more smoking outside when it’s freezing cold

Hi ! I’ve only just recently got my E-cig, but I can already feel the changes! No more smoking outside when it’s freezing cold, no more ash-trays to empty, and no more toxic regular cigarettes! This is the best present I’ve bought myself in years! Patrick, from France

Patrick from France

Since I got my Njoy e-cig, regular smoking is a thing of the past.

Antonio Fereirra, Portugal



Michael Maguire

Have tried many electronic cigarettes and the NJOY is unquestionably the best. Since using the NJOY e-cigarette I have had no cravings for real cigarettes and no side affects which were very obvious with nicotine replacement products. Cigarettes kill you, these don’t. No contest a no-brainer.

Best wishes to all the team,


I will never go back to tobacco products again…never ever ever!

I need a kit because since starting with my njoy, I hate the smell of tobacco cigarettes! I can’t believe that I smelled like that for so many years. I now totally understand why folks don’t like to be around smokers.

My son loves the fact that there is no more stinky cigarette smell in the house or in the car. Sometimes if I’m really stessed I can use it in the office and nobody even knows. I need the extra kit to keep in my desk at work. I will never go back to tobacco products again…never ever ever!

Elyse Woodard



No Nasty Smell of Lingering Smoke

Hi All

Just wanted to say that the ecigarette is the best thing for those of us that can’t quite manage to quit smoking. You will be the envy of all of your smoker friends and passers by who see you smoking it and the best bit is there is no nasty smell of lingering smoke. My family have tried to get me to quit but I never could, they are so happy that I found this product and have stayed off tobacco now since October 2010. Try this product for yourself don’t take my word for it.

I recommend The Smokers Angel for their first class service and support.

Good luck



A Great Change in My Life

“Thanks for checking on my e-cig order.”

Yes, they did arrive and they are great, I no longer smoke real cigarettes my friends and children are thrilled. This has been a great change in my life and I can’t thank your company enough.”

I wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Great New Year.”

Thanks again for what your e-cig has done for me.”

Samantha Flower



I was sceptical when I placed my first order, but..

“I was sceptical when I placed my first order, but 2 months later and after purchasing various accessories I have not looked back. I immediately stopped smoking regular cigarettes and tell everyone I see how great they are. My mother is against smokers as she is allergic to smoke, she banned me and my father from smoking anywhere near her many years ago. But last week I vaped just before she came to my home and she didn’t even realise. I then vaped in front of her to show her how different they are and she didn’t even smell anything. Amazing product and a great company, keep up the good work.”

Karl Daniels

You can also see a sequence of photos by Karl on our blog post: ECigaretteDirect – latest user pics.



At airports it is an absolute Godsend

“I have now used the Njoy, and it is brilliant. I have just returned from holiday, and at airports it an absolute Godsend, as including the flight, there are many hours where you can’t smoke- except with an e cigarette. I had a few funny looks in airport lounges but once I laid the Njoy on the table, people realised it was’nt a real cigarette. In my case I had to go over 16 hours without a normal cigarette, and using the Njoy proved that it worked so well in satisfying my need for some nicotine. You have to be aware though, that not all airlines allow e cigarettes, especially American airlines.”

Roger Daniels



None of the mess that other e-cigarettes with separate atomisers give you!

“Enjoying an NJOY Duo; the flavour, the taste (better than tobacco) and none of the mess that other e-cigarettes with separate atomisers give you!”

Roger Barclay Edwards



You guys rock!

“I have already referred 2 friends to you who are happily using the NJOY eCig. They are happy and I am happy. You guys rock!”

Simon Clayon



Very impressed with the amount of vapour it produces

Hi Jean

I just wanted to email and say thank you for the NJOY its amazing, It came in the post this morning, put it on charge, went to University, came home and started using it! Its really nice being able to smoke inside especially with the weather today. Very impressed with the amount of smoke it produces and the hit it gives you at the back of your throat.

Again thank you its great

Kyle in Cheltenham



Nick Peters


Smoking an NJOY electronic cigarette in front of the camera.


Hi Jean

Photo of yours truly smoking my NJOY electronic cigarette – I’ve not needed a tobacco product since starting on them and my chest condition has improved no end!


Nick Peters



No longer a pariah

Hi Jean, James, Pete and the team I’ve just received my second order of goodies.

To say that I continue to be thrilled with my e-cig and your company is the understatement of the decade. Thanks to this exquisite invention, I now no longer feel like the pariah in my own society that I had been unjustly persuaded I was. To any smoker reading this whose head is reeling from all the product choices available, may I just say, if it helps, that I spent a total of 38 hours’ research before I made my e-cig choice. I was looking for a reputable, responsible company and a quality product which had been tested properly; I eventually found all this at EcigaretteDirect, and their Njoy e-cig.

This is a friendly company which cares about its product and provides a wealth of information for its customers, along with first-class customer service. All the staff are approachable and highly attentive. I have the Duo, and adore it.

One last thing: in my wildest dreams, all I expected from my e-cig was a way of smoking in public again, but the added unexpected bonus is that without the slightest effort or intention, I seem to have replaced almost all my tobacco roll-ups with it! Wishing all the staff at EcigaretteDirect the very best for continuing success and thank you for giving me my freedom back – will be ordering again soon.

Best regards

Steph Majdalany Sutherland (North East Highlands of Scotland)



ECigaretteDirect’s NJOY featured in Surlaterre Magazine

“I watched while the LED light that simulates the red ember of a burning cigarette glowed in response to my pull on the E-Cig, and as I pulled away and breathed in, I fell in love. There was the kick I had been craving; there was the feeling of something in my hand; there was the ‘smoke’ that danced from my mouth like a frozen whisper.”

Steven Paugh, Senior Editor, Surlaterre

Read the full article



I switched over to the NJOY 3 weeks ago and haven’t looked back!!

My brother placed the original starter kit order for me, but I keep running out of cartridges, so I want to start ordering in bigger quantities myself to maintain control. I switched over to the NJOY 3 weeks ago and haven’t looked back!! It’s going really well. I am getting married to a non-smoker in August, so he is absolutely thrilled also. Hoping the success will last. Kind Regards, Sharon

Sharon Doherty



Reviewed on Underdogs Bite Upwards

“If you simply want something that looks and feels like smoking with the absolute minimum of hassle, go for the Njoy Pro Duo. It looks like a cigarette, it smokes like a cigarette, the large-capacity cartridge means you have to change it less often, and the cartridge is integral with the heater so you don’t even notice the gadgetry is there.”

Read the full review



Christine Dean

Hi Jean,

Thank you my order arrived half an hour ago! The vanilla flavour is a winner! and I will definitely be ordering it next time,

Thanks a million

Christine Dean



David Mathews

Thanks you for your help very happy customer 🙂



Well what can i say except wow!

Well what can i say except wow! i cant go half an hour without a cigarette, yet in the last 7 hours i have only had the e-cig, and i love it! i tried a real cig about ten mins ago and put it out after a few puffs, the taste of the e-cig is amazing! thank you very much, will be ordering some more refills this weekend 🙂




Can’t believe how easy it has been…

Can’t believe how easy it has been. Feeling good, white teeth and I havn’t eaten any more thn usual. Telling the world all about you and your products. Thankyou. Jayne x

Jayne Tasker



Christine Dean, Bournemouth

I am delighted with my e cigarette! I bought the duo system – the reason I decided to try this product, was NOT to give up smoking ( I have been a heavy smoker for years) but to try and cut down the cost, I am fed up with paying so much tax to the Government.

What has surprised me is the degree of satisfaction I obtain from my e cigarette by comparison to regular cigarette. I will be recommending your product at every opportunity!



A hospital story!

Hi Jean and friends,

Very happy with the E Fags!!! I have been injured and in hospital for a while. I have a testimonial for you! Try being in a hospital bed, smoking your E Cig when the Ward Dragon turns up, wait until she sees you and then hide the fag under the blankets. The reaction is fantastic. Love those E Fags!!!

Take Care

William Colligan



Barbara Kleinveld

I think the great thing about the new cartridges is that they last so much longer than the previous ones. Also of course the changing is easier.

The new cartridges also seem to work much better!

I was using 3 old cartridges per day, but now using 1 per day which is really good.

I might also add that your customer service is first class.



Amazingly quick service

Amazingly quick service and the website is great too, informative and very easy to use. The Njoy starter pack is a fantastic product, I love the fact that you can charge it from your laptop and that it comes with two batteries. The cartridges are fantastic, it’s a month later and I’m only just about to order my second lot!

Keep up the good work, I’ve got a feeling these are going to catch on in a big way (Marlboro beware!)

Francis Pollen



J. Cellario, Manchester

I have purchased 3 different makes of electronic cigarettes and have found the model the best quality. It gives a definite ‘hit’ when inhaled as opposed to the other makes which felt like smoking fresh air.

I have also reordered refills on numerous occasions and these have been delivered extremely promptly and reliably. I even emailed E~Cigarette a couple of times regarding questions I had and they again replied courteously and promptly.



The Closest Thing to a Real Cigarette You Can Get

I have just bought the NJoy Pro Starter Kit. At last someone who understands the problems of smoking and smokers habits has created an object which has everything; something for the hands, something for the habit and no odour! After 30 years of smoking, the NJoy Pro Kit is the best product that I have tried and it is also the closest thing to a real cigarette you can get get. Amazing!

Kind Regards



Riki Brown

thank you very much. your customer service is fantastic. i ordered a pouch as well so hopefully i should see that at the same time. thanks again and i will definitely buy all my new cartridges and other bits i may need from your site.



Elle Ruschioni, London

I am currently eight months pregnant and bought my mother the Njoy Ncig as I didn’t want her smoking in the room with me. She has been a smoker for over 20 years and has tried everything in the book to quit. Within one week of supplementing the electronic cigarette she was able to cut down to 2-3 cigarettes a day… She says the reason it works is because you still have the look and feel of smoking! She also loves the fact that she can whip it out anywhere, including the airplane, movies and restaurants! We both can’t recommend it more.



Barbara Newton

Just to say thank you for my e cigarette and what quick service you provide
i have tried patches chewing gum inhalers but nothing compares to this now i can breath better after smoking for 45 years it is a blessing

thank you

barbara newton



Mike Cowie

Just a quick note to say how very impressed I am with the e-cigarette. As a heavy smoker I am not the type of person to be fooled into enjoying a ‘fake fag’ – however the e-cig delivers a satisfying combination of something to do with a hand that usually has a real cigarette in it as well as a realistic smoking experience.

As a smoker of about 40 cigarettes a day – the e-cigarette arrived a week past Friday and had paid for itself within four days!




I have been a pipe smoker for the best part of forty years, and thought I would try out the electronic pipe as an experiment. I needed something to get around the anti-smoking laws which were making life difficult! I received the kit and charged the battery, not knowing quite what to expect. I am very pleasantly surprised. Since I started puffing on my new pipe, I have hardly touched any of my old ones! It is so convenient and clean, and has a nice flavour. I cannot wait to get down to the pub!!




Got my e-cig Weds. after it’s 8 hour charge I was away. I’m surprised at some of the negative comments from so called experts. This has got to be better than smoking. The e-cigarette is easy to get used to, I just need to get into the habit of picking it up like my mobile phone.

Anyway I haven’t had a real cigarette since Weds so I’m happy. Just going to your site to order spare refills as I’m on holiday next month.

Thanks for your speedy service

Kind regards




John Lindenbach

“I live in Calgary, Alberta Canada. I’m in my early 60’s and enjoy skiing, hiking, camping, fishing/hunting, gardening, & the gym… well as smoking my pipe. Since smoking has become such a taboo and since I really don’t want to quit…..I thought the E-Cigar might be a good fit for occasions when I’m with non-smokers or in places which prohibit smoking. I was impressed with the presentation kit contents. All first class and very complete. Surprise… works just as advertised!! Last night we were at a restaurant/bar for my daughter in law’s 30th birthday. I brought my E-Cigar and it was a big hit amongst smokers, social smokers, and even non-smokers. I felt really comfortable using it….just great.”




Hello Jean and the crew,

I’ve been using the e-cig for about 2 weeks now and I am completely satisfied with the flavor, feel and realness of having a smoke. I actually marvel at the thought that I’m not getting any of the 4000 poisons going into my lungs, including the tar which is the worst! My wife who is a non smoker loves it…loves the fact that it doesnt smell up the flat or her clothes! Most of all, I get the satisfaction of the nicotine that a normal cigarette would give me. Funny things happen on trains and in stores when people challenge me as I am ‘smoking’. They look shocked and just walk away after saying wow, I was fooled! (or something to that effect) Thanks also for the excellent service. In my ‘other life’ I was a customer service consultant among my other hats and I would have to give you an A+!

Louis, NYC and Switzerland



Mary Anne Borg Olivier

Excellent service and extremely helpful. I am glad to say that I am happily using the electronic cigarette. I am replacing real ones for it and hopefully will use the electronic cigarette all the time. Thank you!

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