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What’s New?


The latest from The Smoker’s Angel

Free Charts for Your Blog or Website: Grab these free electronic cigarette charts that illustrate the effect of the electronic cigarette on smokers health.

The Top Ten Most Bizarre Ways to Quit Smoking: Welsh Writer’s Robert Stroud’s insane (not to mention alcoholic) tips for quitting smoking.

Our electronic cigarette is on-stage – again!Theatre group Jadis Shadows use the e-cigarette in the play that was the basis of Caberet. Click on the link to see the pics!

NJOY E-Cigarette Movie: Mike demonstrates the NJOY electronic cigarette on video.

The best way to quit smoking: We pop some myths – and come up with some suprising results!

Nicotine: Deadly poison or wonder drug? Scientist John Dunworth takes a look.

Can the electronic cigarette help me quit? We survey the evidence.

An Interview with Spike: The President of the National Vapers’ Club talks to us about switching, Banzhaf, and how she feels the FDA are obstructing research into the electronic cigarette.

Top Electronic Cigarette Products from May: What are other users buying?

An interview with Kate from Vaper’s Network: Kate escapes from her convent for an interview with The Smoker’s Angel.

The Cigars Buyers Guide – The essential guide to buying a quality stoogie.

The Reciprocity Principle and the Pharmaceutical Industry: How the pharmaceutical industry uses an age old principle to dominate the medical profession.

Returning to Cigarettes: Our latest survey shows that more than 60% of electronic cigarette users are likely to return to cigarettes if the electronic cigarette is banned.

Throat Kick: E-smokers talk about it all the time – but just what is it?

Propylene Glycol: The principal ingredient of the electronic cigarette is much mis-understood, as checmical engineer John explains.

Quitting at College: Alexis shares tips on how to stop smoking while at college.

Eating Cigarettes: The Movie (Warning – it’s pretty gross!)

More Costly than the Twin Towers Attack: Edwin digs into the figures, and find the e-cig could cost the US Gov more in tax revenue than the cost of the Twin Towers attack.

GlaxoSmithKline lies in cynical attempt to increase profit. (Blogpost)

The Origins of the Cigarette: Edwin Estuardo takes a look at the origins of the cigarette.

Tobacco Stopping Flu: How tobacco plants are helping the Pentagon stop flu.

Should you eat cigarettes? Believe or not some idiots people recommend doing so. But is it a good idea?

Electronic Cigarette People: Key scientists and people in the electronic cigarette debate.

Updated: The Electronic Cigarette Glossary: Now more comprehensive than ever.

The Electronic Cigarette Story: The story of the electronic cigarette – in an embeddable slideshow.

Attitudes Towards Smoking: We surveyed 250 smokers, non-smokers and electronic cigarette users to find out what they think about public health claims.

The Electronic Cigarette Book: Sign up to our free newsletter and get a free book: The Electronic Cigarette.

Traders Sweat in the UK: As the MHRA plans a ban on the e-cigarette, vapers in the UK lose their sense of complacency.

An Open Letter to Humphrey Smith: We complain to Sam Smith’s after they stop our – and their – customer from vaping in the pub.

On the blog: The Welsh National Opera uses NJOY electronic cigarettes to get around the smoking banner.

Vaping Versus Smoking? Paul Bergen argues that we should not abandon the term smoking.

FDA Versus NJOY: NJOY defeats the FDA in court – we summarise the judgement and consider the implications.

Cigarettes: Are they really safer than electronic cigarettes? Some anti-smoking groups seem to think so. The Smoker’s Angel investigates.

Velvet Glove Iron Fist Interview: We speak to Chris Snowden, author of Velvet Glove Iron Fist, about Hitler, the anti-smoking movement and the electronic cigarette. See all interviews.

Drugs don’t Replace Fags: The government spends a fortune to find out what all smokers knew…



The Best of the Rest

Quality articles and interviews from our archives.


Our all time favourite: E Cigarette Warning. (Watch out – it might make you jump!)

Interview with David Sweanor: Playing football is risky – but I would rather my children played with a football than live grenades! That’s what David Sweanor, a former advisor to the WHO on the subject of tobacco control, replied when we asked him about whether electronic cigarettes are dangerous or not.

Sex, Smoking and the Electronic Cigarette: Is smoking bad for your sex drive? (Hint, there’s a reason why it’s post-coital and not pre-coital!!!)

Are Electronic Cigarettes the biggest investment opportunity of the century? Can you make a fortune by investing into the electronic cigarette industry? Or will entrenched interests destroy the industry before you can make your money back?