Beard Vape

The Beard Vape Story

Started in 2014 by two brothers and a friend, California based Beard Vape took it’s name from the brother’s father, who was nicknamed Beard.

Each e-liquid flavour in the Beard range is named after a number. You might be wondering, like we were, how each e-liquid was assigned a seemingly random number. It turns out that when Beard started, they created almost 100 e-liquid flavours, assigned each a number, and put them on a tasting table in their shop.

Over time, and with the feedback, they whittled the e-liquids down to their three original flavours. As customers had become familiar with the numbers, they stuck with them.

Beard Vape E-Liquids tweak the VG:PG ratio of their e-liquids to suit the flavours, so check each flavour to view the ratio. Learn more about VG/PG ratios.

Flavour Descriptions

On each Beard e-liquid here, you’ll find two descriptions. The first is the manufacturer’s description, while the second one is what we think it actually tastes like!

We care about the e-liquid we sell. When it comes to safety, quality-testing and flavour, no one does it better. Find out more here.

Please note, due to EU regulations we can no longer sell e-liquid in bottles larger than 10ml.

Need help with vaping vocab like PG or VG? Read our handy glossary here.

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