Lost Fog

Lost Fog e-liquids are created by Cosmic Fog in Southern California in an IS08 laboratory, where each e-liquid is filtered five times for purity. The mixology teams spend between 7 and 10 months perfecting each flavour, following which the final e-liquids are then used by both the mixers and the founders for several weeks, to ensure they can stand the test of time and deliver an all-day vape.

This attention to detail has resulted in e-liquids with a silky smooth vape, combined with intriguing flavours, and often with just enough caramel to give a deliciously sweet taste without being overpowering.

Lost Fog come with a VG:PG 70:30 ratio. Learn more about VG/PG ratios.

We care about the e-liquid we sell. When it comes to safety, quality-testing and flavour, no one does it better. Find out more here.

Please note, due to EU regulations we can no longer sell e-liquid in bottles larger than 10ml.

Need help with vaping vocab like PG or VG? Read our handy glossary here.

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