Evod 1100mAh Battery

The Evod 1100mAh fixed voltage battery is powerful yet simple to use. Available in a wide range of colours to suit your individual style.

  • Suitable for use with standard 510 & eGo thread clearomisers
  • On and off function - 5 clicks for on, 5 clicks to turn off
  • Overcharge protection
  • Fully tested, CE and ROHS compliant

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The new 1100mAh Evod batteries are slim, lightweight and stylish with a much improved build quality. A large battery holding charge for an extended period of time, the Evod provides output of 4.2V - 3.7V (depending on charge) for a consistently effective vape - the ideal battery to keep with you when you venture outside or travel.

When you press the button during vaping, the colour of the LED light will reflect how much charge is left, as follows:

White = Approx. 100% or less
Blue = Approx. 50% or less
Red = Approx. 30% or less

When the LED turns red, it is time to charge the battery, though you may charge the battery prior to this.

The Evod battery can be easily switched on and off by pressing the power button 5 times in quick succession. For added peace of mind, these Evod batteries:

  • come with built-in overcharge protection
  • are fully tested
  • are CE and RoHS compliant. 

The Evod also come with built-in short circuit protection which shuts off the battery when there is a short circuit to prevent any damage. If short circuit protection is activated, the battery will need to be connected to a compatible charger to reset the protection before you can use it again.

For a battery with more advanced variable voltage functionality, we recommend the Vision Spinner 2.

Recommended for use with

For the ultimate flavour, throat hit and vapour production from your Evod, try using a bottom coil clearomiser such as the highly acclaimed Aspire BDC clearomiser or Aspire Nautilus Mini.

For more information on e-cigarette batteries and how to use them, see The Ultimate Guide to Electronic Cigarette Batteries.

This battery can be charged at a computer using a USB charger or the 3 pin plug adapter available here. This battery should not be charged with other USB plug adapters.

IMPORTANT: Always charge safely. See Safe Charging Instructions | E-Cig Battery Safety Infographic.

1 x Evod 1100mAh Battery

Customer Reviews

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Overall Very Good
Good capacity and decent amount of charge for cost means excellent value. Unfortunately the first two batteries colour has peeled away leaving small flecks of paint in hand, revealing the standard stainless colour. This does not affect performance in any way, however reflects on the quality as a whole.
Review by Gavin
Slim and stylish
Charges quickly and holds the charge-not like some others!!
Love the colour choices too
Review by Allie
Nice batteries
Seem to work very well. Very sleek. Longer than the older style batteries but very nice. Beware that they can appear to not work if the coil in your atomiser/clearomiser head needs changing. Can think it is the battery not charging but it isn't. Have found this to my frustration. Changed coil in clearomiser and batteries worked immediately.
Review by Sophie
comfortable and elegant
I love the slim comfortable style of this battery, and the colour codes are a real bonus for knowing how much charge you have left. This is my second attempt after starting on a very basic model, and I'm finding it's powerful enough to give a very smooth vaping experience, and best of all I've gone from being a 40 a day smoker to 4 in the space of 2 weeks, and in truth I'm finding I prefer vaping. As for delivery times, it's second to none, I phoned on the Tuesday and it was here by Wednesday...No complaints here. I now have 2 for different flavours, and to allow for charging.
Review by therasia
Excellent battery, although wish it would hold charge longer
This is the only battery I use, and it's pretty great. However, I wish it would last longer than a day, especially considering I don't use my e-cig excessively.
Review by Daniel
Items 1 to 5 of 8 total
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