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An Interview With Spike: The Original National Vapers Club Member

Spike Babian was an early member of the nascent vaper's community, and a founding member of the Long Island Vapers' Club (now the National Vaper's Club) who fought off a proposed total ban on vaping in New York.

Despite vast time differences, ECigaretteDirect managed to catch up with Spike for this interview...



How long have you been using the electronic cigarette?

" took me about two weeks to switch completely from cigarettes to e-cigarettes. "

I ordered my first e-cigarette in December 2008 and I received it in January of 2009 from - they’re one of the longest ran US companies. I started using it in the beginning of January and it took me about two weeks to switch completely from cigarettes to e-cigarettes.


Before you switched to the electronic cigarette, how many cigarettes were you smoking a day?


I would say between 25 and 30 cigarettes a day. US packs are about 20 in a pack, so a pack and a half, pack and a quarter a day every day for 21 years.


How did you first hear about it?


I had a friend who smokes like 3 packs a day, he said, ‘I found this new thing and I think it’s gonna help me quit smoking,’ and I said, ‘Yeah, right I tried everything to quit smoking, nothing works.’ It’s not that I have no faith and then he showed it to me and I said, ‘Oh, my God, I need to have one of those.’
He said. ‘Well you know I’m ordering next week. I can order if you want,’ and I said, ‘No, I’m ordering one now,’ and before he even left I ordered it on the Internet. I got it before he even put his order in.


You said you tried everything; you’re talking about nicotine cessation aids?

" I tried using lollipops or candies as an oral fixation. I got 14 cavities but I still smoked... "

Yes, I tried the patch but I was allergic to it, the glue in it - my skin is sensitive. I tried the gum but it made my gums and my teeth ache and hurt so I couldn’t use it. I tried, I did not try Chantix but I had two friends try it but got, ah, I don’t know, crazy.

They went a little bit insane, violent, they got aggressive, you know, just turned very nasty, and I said you know what, this is not definitely not the way I want to quit so I did not try Chantix. That was one thing I did not try. I tried cold turkey. I tried using lollipops or candies as an oral fixation. I got 14 cavities but I still smoked, so it did not work out in my favor.


So did you, after switching did you feel any difference in your health?

" I took a sip of the ginger ale and I said, 'Oh my God, ginger ale has a smell to it'. "

I was able to breathe better. I have asthma, I had asthma since I was five so I always had difficulty in breathing around cats and when I ate certain foods. And I had also general asthma to pollen and you know allergies to certain things in the air.

So I always had asthma but I did find out that when I switched to e-cigarettes I was able to breathe a little bit better I was able to smell things better I remember when I first started using e-cigarettes it was like about two weeks in, two weeks after I had stopped smoking cigarettes.

I went and I took a can of ginger ale and I took a sip of the ginger ale and I said, ‘Oh my God, ginger ale has a smell to it,’ and my friend said to me, ‘Well, of course, it has smell to it,’ and I said, ‘Well I’ve never smelled that not in the last 20 something years.’ I don’t remember that, I didn’t remember that ginger ale smells like something.

So, there were subtle things that I’ve never even noticed, you know, after 20 something years of smoking that I was missing until I wasn’t smoking.

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