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RPM40 | Smok Prism Rainbow
This product is in the January sale

RPM40 | Smok

£29.99 Special Price £24.99
IVG Starter Kit with Pods - Blue

IVG Starter Kit with Pods

£29.99 Special Price £19.99
Pink Lemonade | IVG Mixer Range
This product is in the January sale

Pink Lemonade | IVG Mixer Range

£14.99 Special Price £12.99
Fresh Lemonade | IVG Mixer Range
This product is in the January sale

Fresh Lemonade | IVG Mixer Range

£14.99 Special Price £12.99
Riberry Lemonade | IVG Mixer Range
This product is in the January sale

Riberry Lemonade | IVG Mixer Range

£14.99 Special Price £12.99
Citrus Lemonade | IVG Mixer Range
This product is in the January sale

Citrus Lemonade | IVG Mixer Range

£14.99 Special Price £12.99
The Black | Ohm Brew Shortfills | E-Cigarette Direct
This product is in the January sale

The Black | Ohm Brew Badass Blends

£13.99 Special Price £11.99
Mulus | Aspire - Psychedelic Blue

Mulus | Aspire

£49.99 Special Price £47.99

40 Item(s)

Whether you are looking for the latest in vape mods, a great new starter kit or simply want to taste the best new e-juices from companies like Element, Vampire Vape, IVG, you’ll find the hottest new products on E-Cigarette Direct on this page. 

A history of vape innovation

Since E-Cigarette Direct started in 2008, we’ve seen constant innovation in the world of vaping.

Vaping started with the humble cigalike. The cigalike helped tens if not hundreds of thousands take their last puff on a cigarette, but it didn’t meet the needs of every smoker. The cartridge of the cigalike then metamorphosed into a clearomizer, which combined the atomiser of the cigalike with a clear cartridge that allowed you to see how much vape juice you had left.

Simultaneously, ‘modders’ were leading a revolution in batteries and coils, and the experiments these early vapers conducted proved to be the basis for high powered devices popular with cloud vapers. Nowadays mods are a far cry from those early e-cigs, offering a plethora of advanced modes and functions.

One major advance in terms of safety has been temperature control. Smoking is dangerous because tobacco is heated at a high temperature, and as the smoke cools down tar and carcinogens are created. With the invention of the e-cigarette, Chinese scientist Hon Lik aimed to minimise this danger, using a much lower temperature to vaporise e-liquid instead of burning tobacco.

Temperature control further increases the safety of vaping by enabling vapers to avoid high temperatures and burnt coils. Initially, temperature control was really only for more advanced vapers, but recently we have started to see the advent of automatic temperature control, which uses technology and computer chips to do the work for you.

Vape Pod Systems

You can’t talk about vape innovation without mentioning pod systems. These recreate some of the simplicity of cigalikes in a compact and easy to use device.

The first devices on the market from manufacturers like JUUL, Element and Hexa, used pre-filled pods. More recently we’ve seen a plethora of refillable pod devices from the likes of Joytech, Eleaf and others.

Coil Technology

Coils, the part of your device that heats the e-liquid, have also seen major advances in technology, often lead by innovative companies such as Smok, Aspire and Innokin. Originally coils consisted of a single wrap of metal. Then vapers found you could get more and better vapour by using multiple wraps of wire.

More recently, mesh designs have become popular. By utilising a tiny mesh (created by punching holes in a thin piece of metal), coils have a much greater surface exposure to e-liquid. This has lead to improved flavour, longer lasting coils, and the ability to produce larger clouds of vapour at lower temperatures.

E-Liquid Innovation

In the last few years we have seen some major advances in e-juice.

Originally, e-juice, like tobacco, was only available in the form of freebase nicotine. This meant that e-liquid, when used at higher nicotine levels, could cause a harsh ‘throat hit’ on the back of the throat. Some people enjoy this throat hit, but others find it too harsh when they start vaping.

Enter nicotine salts. Originally designed for use with pod systems using high nicotine levels, these use the natural form of nicotine found in tobacco leaves. One of their key advantages is that you can use a higher nicotine level and still enjoy a soft throat hit. They may also deliver nicotine to the bloodstream faster, enabling them to more effectively replace cigarettes.

The latest innovation is hybrid e-liquids. These combine nicotine salts and freebase e-liquids to produce a superb vaping experience very similar to that of a cigarette. We first came across this with the HEXA vape system, and indeed only realised how good it was when the cloud chasers in the company started using it!

An exciting future

Sometimes people ask us what’s coming next. It’s actually quite exciting to say nobody really knows. Few people foresaw the introduction of pod systems, nicotine salts or 3d mesh coils. What we do know is innovation will continue, meeting the needs of more vapers and continuing to help people transition from cigarettes to vapes.


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