Whole Batch Steeped E Liquid.

Here at Ecigarettedirect, we understand that getting a reliable, flavourful, and consistent vape from your chosen eliquid is important. When you find a flavour you like, it should be the same great experience every time.

All of our UK eliquid is whole batch steeped so that when you fill up your tank or drip on your RDA, you are getting the best possible flavour straight away.

What is steeping?

One of the first questions people ask after getting into refillable tank style ecigarettes, or rebuildable atomisers is “what is steeping and how do I do it?”

Steeping is the process used to fully blend and mature an eliquid to maximise the flavour that you get when you vape, a bit like letting a good wine sit at the right temperature before opening.

Why should I steep my juice?

Steeping is entirely optional. We are confident that our batch steeping process will give you a great vape as soon as our eliquid is delivered to you, however, further steeping can bring out subtle flavours by giving the eliquid additional time to mature and develop.

When the PG and VG mix is blended with flavours during manufacturing, the mixture is thoroughly mixed through this and filling process, but the flavours require time to fully infuse. Steeping will allow you to get the best possible flavour out of our eliquid by giving the eliquid flavours time to mix with the PG/VG blend.

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