Swansea beaches could become vape free zones.

Swansea Mulls Outdoor E-Cig Ban

Yesterday I followed a link from Twitter to a consultation on a ban on smoking outdoor places. The consultation asks whether smoking should be banned in places like beaches (presumably because of the passive smoking danger to cockles) and parks. The questionnaire even asks you if smoking outside pubs should be prohibited, which sounds like the final nail in […]

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Reads: New E-Cig Age Regulations: A Guide for E-Cig Retailers

New E-Cig Age Restrictions: How to Avoid Fines and a Criminal Record!

Are you an e-cig reseller? We’ve put this guide together for both our shop staff and for our resellers, and it’s something you might find useful too. Introduction Since we started in the e-cig industry back in 2008, every responsible seller I know has enforced a age limit on electronic cigarettes. Fast forward seven years, and the government […]

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E-liquid poisonings banner, with skull and crossbones in the background.

E-Liquid Poisonings: 10 Statistics All Vapers Should Know

Like many people, Bernd Mayer had encountered the widespread claims that 60 mg of nicotine is enough to kill an average-sized adult. But unlike most people, he didn’t accept it at face value. He went to look for the actual evidence. After following a chain of “circular and often misleading references” he eventually found where […]

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Calling Welsh Vapers and E-Cig Retailers.

Calling Welsh Vapers and E-Cig Retailers

Welsh Assembly Needs to Hear From Vapers “On The Front Line” Last Friday I got the chance to meet Edwina Hart, who is Business Minister for Wales and also our AM, at her surgery in Clydach to discuss the public ban on e-cigs in Wales. I wanted to share some of the details with other […]

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Banner for sale on e-liquids and cartomisers.

Sale: 12% Off E-Liquid and Cartomisers

If you’re running low on e-liquid and cartomisers, now is the perfect time to stock up for the month ahead. For a limited time only, you can get 12% off Halo 10ml UK E-Liquid AND Cartomisers. Click here to see the range of e-liquid, or here to purchase cartomisers. Introducing The Fury Tank + Three […]

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The Fury Tank: Overview and Tutorial.

Fury Tank: Tutorial plus Giveaway

The Fury Tank from AnyVape is one of the most advanced clearomisers we have ever sold – and more importantly it produces a great vape! I have seen a few complaints of leaking from users, but that seems to have done nothing to stop its growing popularity. The Fury Tank is now available on ECigaretteDirect for £24.99. […]

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E-Cigs Your Lungs

E-Cigarettes and Your Lungs – What the Evidence Says

Whether lurking in the comments section of a vaping-related news story or in a beer-soaked pub conversation, most vapers will eventually encounter the piece of folk wisdom that: inhaling anything that isn’t air isn’t good for your lungs. We might not like it, but it does make sense. Just like we shouldn’t set fire to […]

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The Cool Fire IV on sale.

Flash Sale: Innokin Cool Fire IV & More

Have you tried the new Innokin Cool Fire IV yet? With its brushed aluminium finish, vibrant colours and spring loaded 510 connection it’s been flying off the shelves in our shops. For a very short time, you can get the CoolFire for a cool 15% off – that’s a saving of £6.00. Check it out on the […]

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