Ecigs are not a gateway to smoking

Are Electronic Cigarettes A Gateway To Smoking? (Infographic)

Since the Electronic Cigarette Summit, it’s been generally accepted in the UK that electronic cigarettes are orders of magnitude safer than tobacco cigarettes. So anti-ecig activists have taken a new tack – that electronic cigarettes, despite helping over 2,000,000 stop or reduce tobacco consumption are leading adults and children into smoking. However, as this infographic […]

Sheep in a circle above the dark blue of the EU flag.

Breaking News: EU Made Massive Mistake With Ecig Science Say Top Scientists

Meanwhile Economists Say EU Mistake Will Cost 105,000 Lives a Year Elementary mistakes lead the EU government to wrongly classify eliquid as toxic when it is really safer than washing up liquid say several top nicotine and tobacco scientists. The mistakes also informed the EU’s move to restrict access to electronic cigarettes, ban effective levels of […]

A nurse adjusts a medical oxygen tank.

Using Electronic Cigarettes With Medical Oxygen: Essential Need To Know

Do you use oxygen for medical purposes? If you do, and you’re an electronic cigarette user, you might want to check out the latest advice on oxygen. Our trade industry association, The Electronic Cigarette Industry Trade Association (ECITA), has been working with the British Compressed Gas Association to provide updated advice for people who use both […]

The Great Vaping Internet Treasure Hunt

Five Days. Five Questions. 30 Great Prizes. Are you a vaping mastermind? It’s been some time since we ran an ecigarette quiz, and we’d thought you might like another chance to show off your vaping knowledge. So every day this week you’ll find a new question, each one provided by a different vaping blogger. And every […]

How to win the vape debate!

How To Win The Vape Debate

My hands were clammy, my throat was dry and my heart was pounding so hard it seemed to shake my whole body. As I waited for the SKY TV camera to go live, I felt like I was staring down the barrel of a gun. But despite being absolutely terrified, by the end of the […]

Black and white image of Dr Norman Jacobson holding the Favour cigarette.

Vaping 1970′s Style: An Interview with One of the Pioneers

Last week I was surprised to discover that the first mentions of vapings appeared to come from the late 70′s/early 80′s (see The Origins of Vaping). The inventor of that device has since passed away. However,  since I wrote that post I’ve been very fortunate to interview the (very charming!) Dr Jacobson who pioneered the use […]

Three vapers enjoy a laugh together.

Check it Out: Mini Vape Fury Festival in the Worcester Smoker’s Angel Ecigarette Store

Are you free this Sunday? Andi Abrook, TheFury79, of Just Vapes (also of RY4 Radio) is host a mini vaping “Fury” festival at the Smoker’s Angel Ecigarette Store in Worcestershire. Here’s what going to be happening: Free Vape Bar Taste different eliquids for free – including our special Gower Power eliquid! Free Raffle Get the chance […]

Two men in sunglasses vaping.

The True Origins of Vaping (It All Started in the 1970′s!)

Who do you consider to be the inventor of the electronic cigarette? Most vapers would answer Hon Lik, who came up with an electronic inhalation device in the first decade of this century. But last year we interviewed Herbert Gilbert, who developed a smokeless cigarette in 1960′s. The debate is still ongoing as to whether Herbert […]