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High Quality Halo Electronic Cigarettes, E Cig Refills and UK Made E Liquid at Reasonable Prices.

Amazing value, easy refill, looks like a
real cigarette

The Smoker's Halo Electronic Cigarette Kit.


The Smoker's Halo Kingsize Electronic Cigarette

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Better battery life, range of flavours,
stylish modern design

Unboxed ultra tank with e-liquid.


The Smoker's Angel Ultra Tank


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A large selection of e-liquid for to compliment a range of clearomisers




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from £3.99

High Quality construction cartridges available in 5 great flavours

Electronic Cigarette Refills


Electronic Cigarette Refills

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from £9.99


Expert Opinions

Inhaling nicotine cannot be nearly as dangerous as inhaling nicotine plus thousands of other chemicals, including more than 40 carcinogens.

Professor Michael Siegel, associated Professor at the Boston University of Public Health


If all the smokers in Britain stopped smoking cigarettes and started smoking e-cigarettes we would save 5 million deaths in people who are alive today.

Professor John Britton, Royal College of Physicians

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Customer Testimonials

Lasts much longer

Have only just changed over from njoy to halo and find the traditional flavour really good -much smoother and better tasting than enjoy – also lasts much longer too. I have just ordered some menthol to try as they were my favourite njoy flavour. Frances Sharp

I can now puff away indoors marvellous

I am 81 years young and have been smoking 20 fags a day for over 60 years, I don't have a smokers cough and now that I have changed to your cigarette's with luck, I never will have. Arthur Flood

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Proud to be fully certified and a member of ECITA

The UK Electronic Cigarette Industry Association (ECITA) was established in June 2010 to tackle the regulatory discrepancies and uncertainties surrounding the sale of electronic cigarette products in the UK and Europe. By researching the various legal regulatory requirements for these types of products, ECITA has been able to develop the Industry Standard of Excellence Programme (ISE). The ISE offers support and assistance to ECITA members to ensure that they achieve compliance not only with the law, but with the best possible business practices. The ECITA name offers reassurance to consumers that the products sold by ECITA members are properly compliant with the law, and are regulated by means of regular internal auditing, as well as external oversight from Trading Standards and other government regulators. Trading Standards described the ISE as "…a Code any industry would be proud to have."

An ECITA member's product is an Excellent product.



Please note that electronic cigarettes are not yet recognised or approved by the MHRA as a successful Nicotine Replacement Therapy in the UK. Clinical trials have taken place in New Zealand using the electric cigarette as an aid to smoking cessation, but do not conclusively prove that the electronic nicotine delivery device can aid nicotine cessation. The electronic cigarette is a way to take nicotine on demand, at the desired strength, without using tobacco and it's associated tar.

Keep Away From Children!!!

Nicotine is a poison - please keep the electronic cigarette and associated cartridges away from children.

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