E-Cigarette Direct shop in Swansea.

All UK Vape Shops Told to Close

Just a week ago I speculated that vape shops might not close in the UK. It was not to be. Last night vape shops, along with all other non-essential shops, were ordered closed by the government. That’s despite lobbying from both vape trade associations (IBVTA / UKVIA), who called for vape shops to remain open […]

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Girl in face mask surrounded by vapour.

Coronavirus & Vaping: An Update

As Coronavirus continues to impact life across the UK (and, indeed, the world), we thought you might appreciate an update from a vaping perspective.  There’s rumours to quash, vape hygiene to consider and the need to think about the continued supply of vape products. Let’s get started. Will vape shops be shut in a lockdown? […]

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How anti-vaping ads market vaping to teens

My daughter is a teenager, and I hear all sorts of stories about the antics of her peers. They include teenagers smoking in the school yard, drinking alcohol until they collapse and doing drugs on the school bus. Crucially, they are not doing these things because they think they are safe. They are well aware […]

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E-liquid bottles next to an EU flag.

Could new EU law be nail in coffin for vaping?

A few years ago, vaping was very nearly banned in Europe. The European Commission and the majority of the Member States planned to medicinalise electronic cigarettes. As it can take 10-20 years to get a medical licence for a product, that would have essentially outlawed vaping. At the time, vapers across the UK and Europe […]

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Man blowing vapour on a blue background.

Vape Predictions 2020: Expert Roundup From Scientists, Advocates, Analysts and more…

What a year it’s been for the vaping industry. In the first half of the year it seemed nothing could stop vaping, with smokers switching from tobacco to electronic cigarettes in droves. Then an outbreak of serious respiratory illness broke out in the USA. While the illness was caused by the use of Vitamin-E acetate […]

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An audience watches a presenter on stage.

E-Cigarette Summit Round Up 2019

Time drifts away like a cloud of gentle vapour, and after attending the 1st E-Cigarette summit in 2013 (and every one since!) it seems astonishing to find myself at the 7th event. Events change too, and gone are the huddles of dedicated vapers at the back of the room. Indeed, you can’t now vape in […]

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A man vapes with a a graph showing plunging sales behind him.

Cannabis Vape Apocalypse: The Impact on Vape Businesses…

Times are difficult for the vape sector. Since people started experiencing severe respiratory illnesses in the USA after using illegal, mostly THC cartridges, we’ve seen an avalanche of negative headlines. As a result, vape businesses are reporting a fall in sales, which particularly seems to be affecting starter kits and business catering to new and […]

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Cigarette stubbed out by a no-smoking sign.

England SmokeFree by 2030?

In the days of vaping, in the UK at least, it’s difficult to imagine people smoking combustible cigarettes in 100 years time. But the UK government is a lot more ambitious – they have announced they want to be smoke free by 2030, despite slashed funding for stop smoking services. Is it feasible? How could […]

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