Cool Fire Z50 pictured with Zlide Tank.

Cool Fire Z50 Zlide Kit Preview

The Innokin Cool Fire Zlide series is unusual in that the tank was designed in collaboration with two well-known reviewers, Phil Busardo and Dimitris (aka the Vaping Greek). After reviewing hundreds of devices, the two should be well placed to create their own. They worked together to meet the needs of the average smoker-turned-vaper – […]

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A collection of Smok Pod Vapes.

Smok Pod Vapes Compared

In previous years Smok were known for their huge mods and immense power, not to mention their futuristic, space age design (think of the Smok Alien, for example!) But Smok have evolved, and in recent years have produced a range of highly popular pod systems. At the same time, the quality of Smok products has […]

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Target PM80 v. Smok RPM80: PodMod Face Off

Last year we predicted that 2019 would be the year of the pod. That certainly seemed to be the case, with a huge range of pod devices, both closed and open, hitting the market.  Now in 2020 this trend is evolving with the introduction of more powerful and sophisticated devices which marry the simplicity of […]

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Smok Nord 2

What’s new with the Smok Nord 2?

One device we’re eagerly looking forward to is the Smok Nord 2, one of a plethora of new Smok Pod systems being launched. When we saw the original version of the device, we knew it was going to be a hit. That certainly proved to be the case, with the device rapidly becoming one of […]

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A colllection of vape starter kits on a table.

9 Best Vape Starter Kits For 2020

Updated: May 2020 When we wrote our last ecig starter kit round up, we said that 2018 had been the year of the back-to-basics device. We also predicted that 2019 would see a continued trend in pod systems, and that’s certainly been the case, with both an explosion in the range as well as increased […]

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Best Vape Starter Kits for 2019

Update: For a more recent overview of vape kits see Best Vape Starter Kits for 2020. If you’re looking for a new vape starter kit, you could be forgiven for getting a bit confused by the myriad of options available. Still, that’s better than the situation a few short years ago. Back then you essentially […]

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Pod Systems: A new way to vape featured image

Pod Systems: A New Way to Vape

Vaping is changing. For a long time, e-cigarettes just kept getting bigger and bigger. We went from cigalikes to vape pens, from vape pens to tube mods, from tube mods to box mods, and since then the box mods have been packing more and more batteries into their bodies. There are many reasons for this. […]

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