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Classic Vape Gear That Stands the Test of Time

I have a little secret. First, understand that I get to try a lot of new vape devices. We constantly have new products passing through the office, and I get to try a lot of them. But, like a comfortable pair of shoes, I still find myself going back to the same products again and […]

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A Guide to Your First Week of Vaping

How to ensure you don’t get derailed and go back to smoking Quitting smoking can be challenging, to say the least. Nicotine is a big part of the reason why, but you’ll also find yourself missing the routine and ritual of smoking too. The early morning rollie with your cup of tea, the post-dinner smoke, […]

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Smoking v. Vaping: Savings Calculator

How much could does smoking cost you – and how much could you save if you quit or switched to vaping? For one customer of ours, the difference in the costs meant she could buy a house. But first, why not calculate how much you could save by using our calculator: Login Form Age Cigarettes […]

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