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Vaping at the Beach

Summer is coming and (weather permitting) many of us will be heading to the beach for a day of sea and sunbathing.  But being a vaper at the beach (and vaping outdoors in general) can cause problems. Not only do you have sunburn, bee stings and the great British weather to contend with, but dead …

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Smoking to Vaping in 6 Weeks

 Giving up smoking once seemed completely unachievable to me (after all it’s physically and mentally addictive)! However, I’ve recently hit the 6-week milestone without smoking a cigarette(!) after switching from smoking to vaping. As a content writer at E-Cigarette Direct, I decided that sharing my journey from smoking to vaping here on the blog was important, …

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A Man vapes behind a sign saying Myth Busting.

A Myth Busting Guide for Informed Vapers & Vape Shops

I’m quite proud that the teams in our vape stores are clued up on vaping myths. Thanks to their research, and regular updates from head office, they have the knowledge, information and confidence to deal with concerns generated by negative press. When we visit other shops, though, that’s not always the case, and I’ve seen …

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