A Man vapes behind a sign saying Myth Busting.

A Myth Busting Guide for Informed Vapers & Vape Shops

I’m quite proud that the teams in our vape stores are clued up on vaping myths. Thanks to their research, and regular updates from head office, they have the knowledge, information and confidence to deal with concerns generated by negative press. When we visit other shops, though, that’s not always the case, and I’ve seen […]

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A Guide to Your First Week of Vaping

How to ensure you don’t get derailed and go back to smoking Quitting smoking can be challenging, to say the least. Nicotine is a big part of the reason why, but you’ll also find yourself missing the routine and ritual of smoking too. The early morning rollie with your cup of tea, the post-dinner smoke, […]

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Smoking v. Vaping: Savings Calculator

How much could does smoking cost you – and how much could you save if you quit or switched to vaping? For one customer of ours, the difference in the costs meant she could buy a house. But first, why not calculate how much you could save by using our calculator: Login Form Age Cigarettes […]

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