Best Vape Juice Brands

The Best Vape Juice Brands for 2022

Think back to when you first started vaping and how many different e-liquid flavours and brands you tried before you found THE ONE – that go-to vape juice you love and always go back to. 

I tried dozens until I finally found my go-to juice (Doozy Vape Co. Apple & Grape Blast!)

After all, choosing a vape juice can be difficult. There are hundreds of brands and flavours to choose from and chances are you not only want something that tastes great but is also high quality and from a reliable, trustworthy brand. 

We’ve worked with countless e-liquid brands over the years and, based on a number of factors including product quality, flavour selection and industry recognition, here’s 14 of the best vape juice brands you should try… 

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All e-liquids on this list meet strict UK and TPD quality standards.

Our Favourite Vape Juice Brands

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Dinner Lady

Dinner Lady Vape Juice

Dinner Lady is a UK brand launched in 2016 and initially known for its nostalgic vape juices inspired by classic British desserts, including the award-winning Lemon Tart – voted Best Dessert Blend 5 years in a row. They have since gone on to create over 90 different flavours ranging from fruits to candy and are sold in over 90 countries worldwide.

Designed and created in-house at their state of the art UK headquarters, Dinner Lady e-liquids are available in 10ml, nicotine salt and shortfill blends.

In 2021, they released their first collection of disposable vape pens filled with some of their most iconic flavours, this was followed in 2022 with their V800 disposable range

Most Popular:  Lemon Tart (available in 10ml salts, shortfill & V800 disposable)

Nasty Juice

Nasty Juice Vape Juice

Asian e-liquid makers Nasty Juice originated in Malaysia in 2015, but have since taken the UK and European markets by storm with their signature fruity and exotic vape juices. 

With a range of fruity blends available, including a shisha-inspired collection, Nasty Juice e-liquids come in regular 10ml, nicotine salt and shortfill options. The brand also released its disposable range, Nasty Airfix in 2021. 

Gaining global recognition in just a few short years, Nasty Juice has won several accolades including ‘Eliquid of the Year’ in 2019 for their best-selling Cushman blend and ‘Best Branding & Marketing’ awards in 2018. 

Most Popular: Cushman (available in nic salt, shortfill and Air Fix disposable). 


IVG Vape Juice

IVG is an acronym for I Vape Great – and this tried and tested brand has lived up to this with their range of high-quality e-liquids. The UK company launched in 2015 with the release of their fruity ‘Summer Blaze’ blend and has since gone on to become a global brand sold in over 100 countries and 30 million customers worldwide. This success has been validated with multiple awards including ‘Best UK Brand’ in both 2019 and 2020. 

IVG e-liquid blends range from everywhere between fruit, beverage and dessert flavours – available in 10ml, nic salts and shortfill versions.

In 2021, the brand released their IVG Bar disposable range – filling the single-use vape bars with 16 of their most popular nic salt blends. 

Most Popular: Summer Blaze (available in 10ml, nic salts and shortfill)

Just Juice

Just Juice Vape Juice

One of the newer brands on this list, fruity blend specialists Just Juice launched in 2019 – born from two former smokers who were dissatisfied with the current offering of vape juices. 

Becoming increasingly popular thanks to their colourful branding and bold combinations using a range of popular and lesser-known fruits, the Just Juice range includes flavours including exotic curuba, guanabana and more. 

Just Juice e-liquids are available in 10ml, nic salt and high VG shortfill blends. Their first disposable vape range was launched in 2021, filled with 5 of their most popular nic salt blends and providing up to 600 puffs per bar. 

Most Popular: Berry Burst & Lemonade (available in 10ml, nic salt and shortfill)

Riot Squad

Riot Squad Vape Juice

Riot Squad was launched in 2016 with the goal of helping smokers quit and have since amassed a loyal customer base (who they call ‘Rioters’) and gained industry recognition thanks to their high-quality e-liquids and edgy branding. 

With a huge range of flavours and e-liquid types ranging from fruit blends to their mint-based 100% menthol and Riot S:alt hybrid nic salts range, they have also become well-known for their flavourful Punx range.

As well as helping smokers quit, Riot Squad have also committed to sustainability – promising to be carbon negative by offsetting double the carbon emissions of their product production. In 2021, when they released their disposable Q Bar range, the brand launched Riot Recycle – the UK’s first disposable vape recycling scheme.  

Most Popular: Cherry Fizzle (available in nic salt & shortfill)

Doozy Vape Co.

Doozy Vape Co. Vape Juice

Doozy Vape Co. is a premium, award-winning British brand that has gained worldwide popularity since launching in 2015. 

With one of the most extensive collections of any e-liquid creator, Doozy has a juice for every kind of v.aper- with fruit, dessert, beverage and cocktail blends available in 10ml, nic salt and shortfill varieties. They have also established popular sub-brands including Juice Junki and Baccy Roots.  

In 2021 Doozy Vape Co. released their super-sized 100ml ‘Seriously’ shortfills ranges – with slushy, fruity and doughnut inspired flavours. They have also recently jumped on the trend for disposable vapes with their Doozy Nix collection

Most Popular: Tobacco 

Double Drip

Double Drip Vape Juice

Double Drip e-liquids are created by the industry-leading Vapouriz Labs and have become one of the UK’s best-selling brands, famous worldwide for their ‘coil sauce’ blends and distinctive branding. 

Launching with a high VG shortfill range, followed by 10ml and nic salt collections, Double Drip are known for their bold flavours with fruity, dessert, candy and refreshing ice cream inspired vape juices perfect for those who like a sweet vape. 

Most Popular: Apple Rhubarb Crumble

Cotton & Cable

Cotton & Cable Vape Juice

Originating in England, Cotton & Cable create sophisticated, indulgent shortfill e-liquids and are well known for their traditional, dessert-inspired flavours including the popular Eton Mess and Christmas Cake blends. 

After putting two years of effort into crafting their first collection, Cotton & Cable have since expanded their range into more fruity flavours and, in 2021, released their Cotton & Cable cocktail range – taking inspiration from popular and retro cocktail mixes. 

Most Popular: Custard Tart (available in 50ml and 100ml shortfills)


Aisu Vape Juice

For their Aisu range, award-winning British brand Zap! Juice took inspiration from Japan. With flavours based on Japanese Kakigori desserts, their e-liquids incorporate authentic fruit and vegetable flavoured syrups and shaved ice to create refreshing blends available in both shortfill and nic salt versions. 

The Aisu collection ranges from cooling aloe vera and cucumber to more unusual and exotic flavours like cactus and dragonfruit. 

The original Aisu range was followed up with the Aisu Tokyo Series of shortfills – incorporating more high-quality flavours including desserts, beverage and candy blends. 

Most Popular: Aloe Vera (available in nic salt and shortfill)

Wild Roots

Wild Roots Vape Juice

Wild Roots are an e-liquid brand with an eco-conscious edge – committed to creating vape juices that help protect both customers and the planet. 

Their blends are created using sustainably sourced ingredients, are lactose and gluten-free, vegan-friendly, cruelty-free and provided in eco-friendly, fully recyclable packaging. The brand has also partnered with the Eden Reforestation Project charity for their #onebottleonetree campaign – committing to planting one tree per vape juice sold – with an aim to plant 1 million trees. 

Wild Roots e-liquid blends are created from fruity, exotic flavours and are available in nic salt and shortfill varieties, plus their recently-launched disposable vape range.  

Most Popular: Passionfruit, Wild Mango & Red Delicious Apple (available in nic salt & shortfill). 

Six Licks

Six Licks Vape Juice

Another of the younger brands on our list, Six Licks is one of the UK’s fastest-growing e-liquid creators, with customers across 4 continents and multiple award wins in their first year of launch – including Best UK Brand. 

To create their juices, Six Licks has undertaken extensive market research to create a small yet varied range of high-quality, fruit and berry-based blends available in both nic salt and shortfill varieties. 

Most Popular: Berried Alive

Bang Bang Juice

Bang Bang Juice

A fun and funky vape juice brand, Bang Bang Juice e-liquids, a sub-brand of UK brand Cheap Thrills, are brimming with East Asian influence. 

With flavours, brightly coloured branding and product names full of Thai flare, their e-liquids blend tropical and citrus fruits with ice to create bold and refreshing vape juices that excite the taste buds. 

Most Popular: Moon Bucket

Vampire Vape 

Vampire Vape

Established for over a decade, Vampire Vape is one of the world’s most popular e-liquid brands.  

Since launching with 12 flavours in 2012, they reached global recognition in 2014 with the release of the award-winning Heisenberg and Pinkman e-liquids – which quickly became their signature blends. 

Now with over 50 flavours available in 10ml, nic salts and Koncept shortfill varieties as well as their recently launched Geek Bar disposable range filled with some of their best-known blends. 

Most Popular: Heisenberg (available in regular 10ml, nic salt, high VG & Geek Bar)

Halo Vapour Co. 

Halo Vapour Co

Since launching in 2008, Halo Vapour Co. has become popular amongst both customers and trade, with over 10 million bottles sold thanks to their high-quality e-liquids and selection of 19 flavours ranging from traditional tobacco and menthol to exotic fruit and dessert-inspired blends.  

Available in 10ml, nic salt and shortfill varieties, Halo e-liquids are produced in a state of the art UK factory using only EU pharmacopoeia grade nicotine and putting their products through rigorous testing and safety checks. 

Most Popular: Menthol Blast (available in regular 10ml & nic salts)

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