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Refillable Pod Vape Kits

Discover the ultimate in flexibility and performance with this range of refillable pod kits from top brands such as Uwell, Smok and Vaporesso. Refillable pod devices offer the choice of  thousands of different e-liquid flavours at a small fraction of the cost of disposable devices. Compact and easy to use, these devices come in a range of options including devices suitable for discrete Mouth-to-Lung vaping to sub-ohm devices suitable for a Direct-Lung inhale and mighty clouds of vapour. Each refillable pod kit includes a FREE e-liquid of your choice, with fast, free shipping available.

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Voopoo Vmate Max Dove Grey
VooPoo £24.89
Vmate Max
IVG Air 2-in-1 Black
IVG £8.89
Air 2-in-1
IVG Air 4-in-1 Black
IVG £12.89
Air 4-in-1
Joyetech Ego NexO Black
Joyetech £19.89
eGo NexO
Geekvape Soul Champagne
Geekvape £21.89
Free E-Liquid
Geekvape Wenax M Starter Kit Avocado Green
Geekvape £34.89
Wenax M Starter Kit
Free E-Liquid
Geekvape Aegis Legend 3 Black
Geekvape £57.89
Aegis Legend 3
Lost Mary 4in1 Apple Edition
Lost Mary £12.99
Lost Mary 4in1
Free E-Liquid
Uwell Caliburn G3 Lite Basalt Grey
Uwell £10.89
Caliburn G3 Lite
Free E-Liquid
Elf Bar ELFX Pod Vape Kit Silver
Elf Bar £12.49
Elf Bar 1200 Apple Pear
Elf Bar £6.89
Elf Bar 1200
Free E-Liquid
Voopoo Argus E40 Lake Green
VooPoo £32.89
Argus E40
Free E-Liquid
Voopoo Argus G2 Mini Aurora Blue
VooPoo £15.49
Argus G2 Mini
Free E-Liquid
Aspire Flexus Pro Black
Aspire £23.89
Flexus Pro
Free E-Liquid
Innokin Endura V White
Innokin £12.49
Endura V
Free E-Liquid
Vaporesso Luxe X2 Avocado Green
Vaporesso £29.89
Luxe X2
Free E-Liquid
Smok Zrex RF Pod Vape Kit Black
Smok £6.89
Zrex RF
Free E-Liquid
Innokin Z-Pod Nano Ice Blue
Innokin £12.89
Z Pod Nano
Free E-Liquid
Voopoo Doric Galaxy S1 Blue Gold
VooPoo £9.88
Doric Galaxy S1
Free E-Liquid
Oxva Xlim Go Black
Oxva £10.89
Xlim GO
Free E-Liquid
Vaporesso Xros 4 Mini Black
Vaporesso £19.49
Xros 4 Mini
Free E-Liquid
Vaporesso Xros 4 Black
Vaporesso £24.89
Xros 4
Free E-Liquid
Aspire Gotek X II Gold
Aspire £12.49
Gotek X II
Free E-Liquid
Eleaf iStick i75 Blue
Eleaf £44.99
iStick i75
Free E-Liquid
Voopoo Argus P2 Pearl White
VooPoo £24.89
Argus P2
Free E-Liquid
Voopoo Argus G2 Pod Vape Kit Astral Silver
VooPoo £24.89
Argus G2
Free E-Liquid
Innokin Trine Ivory White
Innokin £14.89
Free E-Liquid
Vaporesso Xros Cube Pod Vape Kit Silver
Vaporesso £18.89
Xros Cube
Free E-Liquid
Aspire Minican 3 Pro Azure Blue
Aspire £18.49
Minican 3 Pro
Free E-Liquid
Smok Tech 247 Black
Smok £21.89
Tech 247
Free E-Liquid
Smok Novo Pro Red Black
Smok £18.89
Novo Pro
Riot Connex Prefilled Pod Kit Blue Cherry Burst
Riot £7.89
Free E-Liquid
Innokin Kroma Nova Mahogany Brown
Awaiting Stock
Innokin £29.89
Kroma Nova
Free E-Liquid
Voopoo Argus Pro 2 Cocoa Brown
VooPoo £28.49
Argus Pro 2
Nasty PX2 Pod Kit Blue Bangs
Nasty £5.89
PX2 Pod Kit
Free E-Liquid
Vaporesso Xros Pro Blue
Vaporesso £26.99
Xros Pro
Free E-Liquid
Aspire Veynom LX Metallic Fade
Aspire £35.89
Veynom LX
Free E-Liquid
Aspire Veynom EX Chrome Blue Fade
Aspire £34.89
Veynom EX
Free E-Liquid
Joyetech eRoll Slim Gold
Joyetech £28.99
eRoll Slim
Free E-Liquid
Smok Nord GT Kit White Leather
Smok £26.89
Nord GT

What are refillable pod kits?

A refillable pod system is a type of vape device that consists of a pod and a body which holds the battery. The pod clips into the device, often aided by a magnetic connection for ease of use, while a filling port allows the pod to be filled with e-liquid.

Are refillable pod kits right for me?

Refillable vape pod kits offer several advantages over prefilled kits and disposables.

First, when you use a refillable pod, you can choose between thousands of different flavours, while prefilled pods typically offer a choice of 20-30 flavours.

Secondly, while refillable kits are a little more expensive than prefilled pod kits, they are far cheaper to run. E-liquid in a prefilled pod typically costs over £1.00 per ml, while even the best bottled e-liquid rarely costs more than 33p per ml.

Finally, refillable pods create far less waste than disposables and prefilled pod kits, as the pods can be used multiple times before being replaced.

The main reason most people choose disposables or prefilled pods is for convenience. However, it only takes a few seconds to fill a refillable pod, and as bottles of e-liquid last a lot longer you have to purchase them less frequently.

That said, refillable kits are not for everyone. We particularly recommend prefilled pod systems for people who have dexterity issues, and might struggle with refilling a pod. If you want to switch to vaping, but are worried about filling pods, a prefilled pod system can still make a great first step.

How do I choose the best kit for my needs?

For ease of use:

Choose a fixed-coil pod, which eliminates the need for coil changes.

Look for a side-filling or top-filling design, so you don’t need to remove the pod to fill it.

Avoid bungs, as these can be fiddly. Instead, choose a device like the Xros series, where the cap snaps off to reveal the filling hole.

Look for a low-powered device with few or no modes and automated power. For maximum convenience, choose an inhale-activated device.

Recommended Options: Xros 4 Mini | Elfa Pro

For cost savings:

Choose a device with a replaceable coil, as coils are usually cheaper to replace than the whole pod.

Choose low-powered devices, as these use less e-liquid than higher-powered devices, and the pods/coils last longer.

Recommended Options: Caliburn GZ2 | Caliburn X | Luxe XR

For maximum vapour and flavour:

Choose higher-powered devices, and look for pods compatible with low-resistance coils.

Pay attention to the coil used in the pod, as this can make a big difference to the flavour.

Recommended Options: Target 200 | Veynom LX | Mag Solo

What e-liquid should I use with refillable pods?

Most pod systems work well with 50/50 e-liquid - choose nicotine salts for a smoother throat hit at higher nicotine strengths, or regular (freebase) e-liquid for a stronger throat hit.

If you choose a high-powered vape kit with a low-resistance coil, use it with a higher VG e-liquid such as VG:PG 70:30.

You may also like:

Vaporesso Xros Series | Smok Nord Series | Smok Novo Series | Uwell Caliburn Series | VooPoo Drag Series | Oxva Xlim Series | Geekvape Wenax Series | Vaporesso Luxe Series | Aspire Gotek Series | All Pod Kits

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Which refillable pod vape is the best?

While the precise device you choose will depend on your needs, we recommend the Vaporesso Xros 4 for a combination of superb flavour, reliability and ease of use. For vapers who prefer larger clouds of vapour, we recommend the Vaporesso Target 200. For more information, see our roundup of the best vape pod systems.

How many puffs are there in a refillable vape?

That depends on many factors, including the e-liquid you use, how long you puff for and how hard you puff. However, on average you can expect to get five times as many puffs from a 10ml e-liquid bottle used with a refillable device compared to a disposable device.

Which is better: inhale firing or button firing?

There’s very little difference in performance between the two, so it all comes down to personal preference. If unsure, we suggest getting a device that comes with both options, so that you can switch between them.

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