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  • I just wanted to say this is amazing! I ordered it yesterday, it arrived this morning, now all charged up and I'm using it. It's so real in terms of smoking experience, a bit heavy but I can get over that, and at bit weird in that I don't need an ashtray and after years of being careful, can lay it on the table. It will solve the issue of me smoking out the window first thing in the morning (it affects my husband, he smokes at night), and we won't have to do a heap of roll ups when going out! Fantastic!...

    Dr Laura-Lee Marriott on the Halo E-Cig
  • I have tried many ecigs since giving up smoking in May, but I've got to say that this is the best by far. I actually feel like I'm still smoking but without the smell and stains on my fingers. This ecig is absolutely brilliant, and I will definitely be buying some more, I have got my eye on the burgandy one, very nice, and the menthol cartridges are the best I've ever tasted, Well done ECigarette Direct.

    Shiralee on the Halo ECig
  • It's the only clearomiser which produces a throat hitting vape for me. I have six of them now, because they are so good. I would recommend this great little product to anyone! !!
    Customer Service Comments:
    As always, very helpful.

    Andi Laking on the Mini Aspire BDC
  • Have tried a few different clearomiser but will stick with these from now on. Such an improved experience, have already ordered more and replacement coils to enjoy different flavours with.
    Customer Service Comments:
    Had a problem with a clearomiser and contacted customer services, they sent me the aspire bdc as a replacement and now I am converted. I cannot thank them enough for their efficiency and help. No wonder they get so many good comments on...

    Chris Mo on the Aspire BDC Clearomiser
  • I've been with Smokers Angel/eCigRettes for quite sometime and I've tried a number of other vendors, but they just can't compete with the best., the halo is definitely earned! Have bought eliquid once from shop in town as an emergency purchase (realised on Saturday that I was going to run out and that meant I wouldn't have any liquid until at least Monday) and their liquid was not nearly as good as Smokers Angel/Halo!
    Customer Service Comments:

    Karinda on Halo UK Tobacco E-Liquid
  • This is a great piece of kit at a reasonable price; the halo e-cigs are great, but this is more economical for a medium to heavy smoker making the switch from real tobacco. A good degree of vapour is produced, and when this starts to reduce, it's time to recharge the battery. I think for a reasonable price this piece of kit is excellent for those wishing to give up smoking-although the non-cigarette shape takes a bit of getting used to-the sensation is very much like smoking. I'm using American red...

    Steve MC on the Halo Tank 1
  • I am 81 years young and have been smoking 20 fags a day for over 60 years, I don't have a smokers cough and now that I have changed to your cigarette's with luck, I never will have. I have tried many times to give up to no avail, I enjoy holding a fag and puffing especially with a drink, I can now puff away indoors, marvellous. My wife thinks I am the Angel and should have the Halo.

    Authur Flood on the Halo E-Cig
  • I just want to say I haven't looked back since buying my first Ecigs from you in September. Haven't bought a packet of cigarettes since then and actually prefer the Ecig. Also want to say how efficient you are as a company with regard to informative website and especially speed of orders. Thank you for changing my life.

    Annie on the Halo E-Cig
  • Have only just changed over from Halo and find the traditional flavour really good. Much smoother and better tasting than the last brand I used. They also lasts much longer. I have just ordered some menthol to try as they are my favourite flavour!

    Frances Sharp on the Halo E-Cig