E-Liquid Flavours

Since 2008 we’ve been carefully curating the very best e-liquid flavours from the UK and US for quality, taste and safety. You can read more about how we select and taste our e-liquids here.

In the very early days of vaping, there was little to choose from other than menthol and tobacco. (We remember being excited when a third flavour came out - vanilla!) Not only has the situation been radically reversed nowadays, with hundreds of delicious e-liquid flavours to enjoy, the quality of the e-liquids out there has seriously improved.

That just leaves one problem; with so many e cig flavours to choose from, how do you find one you’ll love? Thankfully, due to the vast selection available to vapers out there, you are pretty much guaranteed to find the right e-liquid flavours for you.

To help you navigate the wonderfully delicious world of vape flavours, you can now search for your favourite type of e-liquid by clicking on the images below. You’ll find something for every palate here, whether you prefer flavours that have proven popularity, gourmet e-liquids, or something new and edgy (like the Blackjack Twist e-liquid – talk about retro childhood memories!)

In the fast-moving world of vaping, new vape flavours are always appearing, and we’re always trying them out for the E-Cigarette Direct site! So keep your eyes on this page, because we can guarantee we’ll be adding a whole host of new and delicious e-liquids to the site regularly!