E-cig accessories are not only about looks, convenience and customisation, but also about safety. It’s a great idea to carry spares around with you, but ideally, lithium ion batteries should never be carried loose, which is why lanyards, cases and pouches are ideally for carrying your battery safely and securely. Sucker stands are also a great idea for work, keeping your battery upright and close-to-hand!

Here you’ll find a range of UK vape accessories including e-cig lanyards and pouches, as well as essentials such as coils and plugs.

Whether you want to ensure your e-cigarette never slips down the back of your sofa again with an e-cigarette lanyard, protect it from the bumps and perils of modern life with a Halo Tank e-cig case, or keep your e-cig constantly available on your desk with an e-cigarette sucker stand, you’ll find an e-cig accessory here to customise your electronic cigarette!

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Nitecore Intelli Charger I2 E-Cig Battery Charger

Nitecore Intelli Charger I2


Earn up to 16 reward points.

Halo Branded T-Shirt

Halo T-Shirt


Earn up to 20 reward points.

Leatherette E-Cig Pouch

Halo Tank Leatherette Pouch Lanyard



Earn up to 2 reward points.

Veho 2 Pin Plug Adapter

Veho E-Cig USB to 2 Pin Plug Adapter


Earn up to 7 reward points.

Micro USB Charging Cable

Micro USB Charging Cable


Earn up to 4 reward points.

E-cig Rubber Stand

E-Cig Rubber Suction Stand



Earn up to 1 reward points.

E-cig eGo adaptor for 510 batteries

510 to eGo Adapter


Earn up to 3 reward points.