Nitecore Intelli Charger I2

Eliminate the need for multiple battery charging and monitoring! Simply insert your 18650 battery into the advanced Intelli Charger i2 and Nitecore does the rest for you.

IMPORTANT INFORMATION: This charger is for use with external batteries like the Basen 3100mAh 18650. It is not suitable for use with Halo cigalike, ego, or evod batteries. To buy a charger for your ego or evod battery, please click here. For cigalike chargers, click here.

  • charges almost all detachable e-cig batteries
  • automatic battery type detection
  • three charging modes
  • fire retardant/flame resistant

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  • charges two batteries at one time
  • each battery slot independently monitors and charges individual batteries
  • identifies and charges lithium ion, Ni-Mh and Ni-Cd battery types
  • capable of three charging modes: CC, CV and Trickle Charge*
  • automatically detects battery status and then selects the appropriate charge mode and voltage
  • 3 colour LEDs show charging progress for each battery
  • Charging stop automatically when battery full

Safety Features

  • over charge protection
  • fire retardant and flame resistant material used in constructions
  • features reverse polarity protections
  • compliant with UK and EU regulations

It’s the 21st Century. So it’s about time we had a battery charging device that does everything for you!

That’s exactly what Nitecore have done with their intelligent battery charging device. Simply slot your battery in, and the Nitecore Intellicharger does the rest. That includes detecting the type of battery being used, selecting the best charging method and voltage - and stopping charge when the battery is full!

Even better, the Nitecore charger can charge two batteries at different stages, independently monitoring the level of each battery. Status lights indicate the charging stage, and advanced safety features aid safety.

*Trickle Charge: Trickle charge means charging a fully charged battery at the same rate as its self-discharge. In essence, it ensure that batteries are kept fully topped up until removed from the charger. 

Customer Reviews

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No probs
Had for about 7 months + use daily - still works brilliantly, no problems!
Review by Cat
Good if you have a single or double 18650 mod
I have an I4 charger that I use for my triple 18650 mods, but this does the job for my other, smaller mods. Keep an eye on the charger, however, as sometimes the charge lights aren't accurate.
Review by Daniel
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