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Aspire Vape Coils

Browse replacement vape coils from popular vape brand Aspire. You’ll find both the latest coils available, such as Flexus AF and Flexus Q, as well as Aspire BVC and Nautilus coils which work with older but still popular vape kits. Whether you prefer Mouth-to-Lung or Direct-Lung vaping, you’ll find the perfect coil for your needs with Aspire’s range of resistances and coil types - and great flavour with every inhale.

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How to select the right coil

When you purchase a coil, you need to ensure that you buy the right coil for your device and the right resistance for your needs. 

Matching the coil to the right device

You’ll find the coil type you need on the device or tank page on E-Cigarette Direct, and a list of the devices a coil fits on each page. You can also use the table below to match popular Aspire devices to coils. 

DeviceCoil needed
Aspire PockeXPockeX, Nautilus X and Nautilus XS
Aspire Nautilus 3Nautilus
Aspire Mini NautilusNautilus
Aspire Flexus QFlexus AF

Coil resistance

Each Aspire coil comes with a different resistance rating - which is measured in ohms. 

In general, the lower the resistance of the coil the more power it will need. The suggested wattage needed is usually labelled on the coil.  Lower-resistance coils, if used at the right wattage, produce more vapour than high-resistance coils, while high-resistance coils will last longer before needing replacing. 


How long do Aspire coils last?

That depends on a number of factors, including how you use the device and how well you look after the coil. In general, a low-resistance coil will last a few days while a high-resistance coil will last two weeks. 

How do you clean Aspire coils?

You do not usually need to clean coils, but it can improve their life. To clean, remove the coil from the tank and soak in hot water. You can also soak them in white alcohol. Allow to dry thoroughly before reusing. 

Helpful guides

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 A Guide to Vape Coils

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A complete guide to vape coils, from the different types to how to use them. 

 How to Maximise Coil Life

9 ways to stop your coil from burning out.

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