Best Cheap Vape Kits for 2022 (UK)

You’d have to be blind to miss the spiralling price rises of recent months. From cooking oil to the electricity powering the device you are reading this on right now, everything seems to be going up in price. 

Fortunately, not only is vaping much cheaper than smoking, it is also one area that seems resistant to price rises (so far!) In fact, buying a good vape kit costs less than it did a decade ago, and you can buy a reasonable device for less than a tenner. Sure, it won’t have all the bells and whistles of the fanciest devices – but at the end of the day, what’s important is it delivers the nicotine needed to keep you off cigarettes. 

So in this post we’ve selected  a range of vape kits to suit every budget, along with some handy tips to ensure costs are low in the long term, not just when you buy your first kit! 

Best vape kit under £5.00: Hexa Mini

Hexa Mini device in hand.

The Hexa has long been the best option for a vape device that comes with pre-filled pods. A while back, the original device was replaced with two new devices – the Hexa Pro and the Hexa Mini. 

The Hexa Pro is easily the better of the two. That’s because the Hexa Mini is a little flimsier, comes with Micro USB  charging (instead of USB-C) and the fit between the pod and device is a little loose. 

But still! This is a complete, re-usable kit for less than the cost of many disposable devices. The blend of freebase and nicotine salts delivers an excellent experience for this type of kit, and it boasts a larger capacity than its much-hyped rival, the JUUL. If you just want to dip your toes into vaping, this is hard to beat – and if it works for you, you can always upgrade to the Hexa Pro in the future.

What’s to like:

  • Experience similar to smoking
  • Reusable battery
  • Cheaper than a disposable, less than half the price of a pack of cigarettes

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Best vape kit under £10.00: Voopoo Vinci Q

Voopoo Vinci Q in green.

The Vinci Q is easily good enough to warrant a higher price tag – but Voopoo have worked really hard to keep the price down with this device. Despite the low price, this device doesn’t feel cheap – it looks great and comes with a good finish which is resistant to fading, oil, dust & fingerprints. It has a decent battery life, and the fixed pods (the same as those that come with the more expensive Vinci) produce good flavour.

In contrast to the Hexa, the Vinci Q uses refillable pods. As e-liquid on its own is cheaper than using pre-filled pods, over the long term this device will be more economical. 

What’s to like:

  • Quality finish
  • Refillable pods  – saves money over the long term
  • Good flavour

Best vape kit under £20.00: Smok Nord 2

Smok Nord 2

The original award winning Smok Nord proved to be a hugely popular device – and that was before the Nord 2 came along with a number of serious improvements. 

Simple to use, the Smok Nord 2 has a power range of 1 – 40 watts. That means it can be used for anything from soft, gentle vapour to something a bit punchier. You can also tweak the performance by choosing between two different coils. The Nord coils themselves are some of the best coils Smok make, with good longevity, reliability and excellent flavour. 

For those looking to save money when vaping, it’s worth noting that the replaceable coils mean this is better value in the long term than either of the two previous kits. That’s because when the coil comes to the end of its life, you can just swap the coil out instead of buying a whole new pod. 

What’s to like:

  • Replaceable coils make it more economical 
  • Simple, compact, easy-to-use
  • Comfortable duck-billed mouthpiece

Best kit under £50.00: Vaporesso Target 100

Vaporesso Target 100 on a green background.

Although not the newest device on the market, this is currently our favourite vape device, and we like everything about it. The form factor is superb, as is the water resistant braid finish that offers a comfortable and secure grip. 

We also prefer it to the Target 200, as the Target 100 offers all the features of the Target 200 but with more versatility, as you can choose to use either 18650 or 21700 batteries. True, with a top power output of 200 watts,  the Target 200 has double the maximum wattage of the Target 100 – but in reality, unless you are building your own coils, you never need to go above 100 watts anyway. 

Finally, there’s the flavour – which is some of the best we’ve encountered!. It’s hard to say whether this is down to the turbo airflow system or to (Ft) mode, but we don’t need to say why – it’s enough that it’s excellent!

Do note that this is a bit more complex to use than the other devices, and is best for vapers with some existing experience. 

What’s to like:

  • Superb flavour with F(t) mode
  • 5 vaping modes allows you to customise your vape
  • Choice of 21700 or 18650 battery (not included)

What are the cheapest vape kits to buy?

So far we’ve covered our favourite vape devices in each price range. But if you’re looking for more options, or cheap vape devices in each category, here’s a selection of very budget friendly devices. 

Cheap vape pens

Vaporesso GTX GO 40.

The IO pod system squeezes in as our cheapest vape pen. This truly tiny pen is great for lovers of compact devices, while the open filling system helps you save money over pre-filled pods.

 Alternatively, if you’re happy to spend a little more you might want to consider the Vaporesso GTX Go 40. This is a  40 watt pod device from a top brand capable of both Mouth-to-Lung and Direct-Lung vaping, and is a real bargain at just over ten pounds. 

Cheap vape pod systems

Vaporesso Osmall in yellow.

After the Hexa Mini, the cheapest pod device currently available is the Vaporesso Osmall. This is a slightly older kit, but has remained very popular with vapers. As the name suggests, it is a compact device that will fit neatly into a pocket. Size is not the only pro here – the coils are designed with flax cotton to ensure great flavour. 

Next up is the Smok Solus. Coming with fixed coil pods and inhale-to-fire operation, the Solus is a great choice for vapers who are looking for something uber-easy to use. 

Cheap pod mod systems

Smok Nord 4 on a blue background

f you want a pod system that delivers a little bit more power, you’re best off looking at a pod mod. With larger batteries, these devices cost a little more, but you can still pick up a kit for less than £20.00. 

The current cheapest pod mod is the Voopoo V.Suit. This is a compact, minimalist device that can deliver up to 40 watts of power and comes with an innovative surface material that both reduces weight and is pleasant to hold.

If you’d prefer something that can produce thick, dense vapour clouds, and are willing to spend a bit more, consider the Smok Nord 4. This versatile device can be used for either Mouth-to-Lung or Direct-Lung vaping, and can pump out up to 80 watts of power. 

Cheap vape mod kits

Smok Priv N19

Mod kits are more complex and, usually, more powerful than other vape devices, so it’s no surprise they are the most expensive category. In fact, to go under £15.00 you’d need to consider the Jem vape device. While a popular and reliable mod, the Jem doesn’t have the power or functionality many mod users are looking for. 

Next up is the Smok Priv N19, which is designed for vapers new to mod vaping and can deliver 25 watts of power. Unfortunately, there aren’t many good cheap options available for quality mods that can deliver both decent power and excellent flavour. So if power is important to you and you can afford it, I’d again recommend going for the Vaporesso Target 100. The best current mod device, if not the best vape device currently available, it still offers excellent value for money. 

Two things not to compromise on when buying a cheap vape kit

While saving money is important, there are some areas where it’s best not to compromise – as doing so can end up being more costly in the long term! These are:

Choose a reliable brand

When it comes to vaping, brands matter. Getting the details of vaping right – the coil, the anti-leaking mechanisms, that feeling on the back of your throat – is tricky. Some brands have spent years working on these details, and it’s worth sticking with the ones that (mostly!) get it right. Fortunately, most of these brands also produce very reasonably priced devices. Here’s 9 great brands to choose from!

Make sure it’s legal

There’s another reason not to buy just any old thing from a market stall! Not all devices available in the UK are legal – some have been smuggled in. And that matters, because UK regulations require all devices to undergo testing before they can go on sale. This testing helps eliminate toxins, meaning legal vape devices are as safe as possible. In contrast, illegal devices could produce more toxins, and contain e-liquid that contain banned or harmful substances. 

Here’s some clues which will help you to identify if your device is legal.

5 tips for saving money when you vape

As you may have gathered from this post so far, if you really want to save money, you need to think about more than the cost of the initial purchase. The cheapest devices to buy are often some of the most expensive to maintain in the long run. Here’s five things to consider…

1. Avoid disposable vapes

Disposable vapes can appear cheap, but that’s not actually the case. In fact, 1ml of e-liquid in a disposable vape often costs more than 10ml of e-liquid for use in a refillable device. It’s well worth spending a little more on a reusable device – and reaping long term savings from doing so. 

2. Use refillable devices

As we’ve touched on before, using refillable pods or tanks is the next step on your journey to becoming a savvy budget vaper. Pre-filled pods are better value than disposables, but buying e-liquid and refilling your device yourself represents better value again. 

3. Choose replaceable coils

The final step is to choose devices with replaceable coils. Many vapers are worried this will be fiddly, but vaping technology has come a long way in recent years. With most devices, push-fit coil technology means you no longer need to unscrew the coil – so for a few seconds of your time, you no longer need to replace the whole tank, but can replace just one part of it instead. 

4. Add e-liquid to get to the free shipping threshold

Many sites offer free shipping over a threshold. For example, at E-Cigarette Direct you can free 48 hour tracked shipping on orders over £15.00 and free 24 hour tracked shipping on orders over £20.00 – meaning you can often get a cheap bottle of e-liquid by increasing your order slightly. 

5. Look for sales and clearance

Finally, it’s a great idea to keep an eye out on vape sales and clearance pages. The wonder device of last year is still a great device, but can often be picked up for a bargain price by the savvy shopper. 

Want even more tips to help you save money? Check out our guide to vaping on a budget

Keeping it in perspective

Let’s face it, given the current price of cigarettes, even relatively expensive vape kits and e-liquid offer serious savings over smoking. Armed with these tips and recommendations, you’ll be able to maximise your savings even more!

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