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21 Signs You’re Secretly a Vape Nerd

One minute you’re buying your first vape starter kit, the next you’re building your own coils and visiting vape forums daily.

There’s a fine line between being a vaping fan and a fully-fledged vape nerd!

Count how many of the following apply to you to discover how much of a vape nerd you really are…

Vape Nerd

1. You’ve tried so many vape juices you could identify the flavour of any exotic fruit – despite never actually eating them.

2. You find yourself visiting vape forums daily and getting into heated discussions with strangers over which device is best.

3. You’re always looking for ways to turn a conversation to vaping.

4. When you hear a vape shop assistant explain a device, you HAVE to join in… and sometimes correct them.

5. You can tell what device someone is using from a mile away.

6. When you see someone using a vape, you’ll always ask to take a look at it.

7. You’ve learned more about physics and electronics from vaping than you ever did at school.

8. When you pass another vaper in the street, you can tell what brand and flavour vape juice they’re using from smell alone.

9. You secretly judge fellow vapers based on the device they’re using.

10. The low battery signal on your device gives you heart palpitations…

11. …But luckily, you ALWAYS have some kind of backup device in your bag or car!

12. There is NOTHING worse than running out of e-liquid.

13. You have a dedicated drawer or cupboard for your vaping equipment.

14. You’ve spent hours mixing and taste-testing your own vape juice.

15. When you go out to a bar or restaurant, you choose food or drinks that will complement your e-liquid.

16. When you see any kind of wire, you try and guess what gauge it is.

17. You automatically know what wattage to run your coils at just by looking at the resistance.

18. You’d rather spend two hours watching a vape live stream than the latest film on Netflix.

19. You actually know what TCR means.

20. Your idea of a social event is to meet up with other vapers and…vape.

21. Your main goal in life is to win the world vaping championships.

How much of a vape nerd are you?

1 – 8: Vape Fan

You are quite passionate about vaping and have a good amount of knowledge, but it’s not your main interest in life. 

8 – 16: Vape Enthusiast 

You LOVE vaping and it is one of your main passions. You’ve built a coil or two in your time and have definitely engaged in a passionate online or in-person debate on the subject.

16+: Vape Nerd

You eat, sleep, live and breathe vaping. It’s your favourite thing in the world, you know everything there is to know and you’d happily spend every conversation discussing it. 

Can you think of any more clues that make you a secret vape nerd? Let us know in the comments below. 

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