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Dr Polosa Discusses His Latest Quit Smoking Electronic Cigarette Study

Interview by Paul Bergen Dr. Riccardo Polosa graciously agreed to discuss the findings in his latest research on smokers enrolled in a smoking cessation study testing the effectiveness of e-cigarettes (both nicotine and non-nicotine) for quitting smoking. PLB: Perhaps one of the most intriguing aspects of this study is selecting individuals who were not planning […]

Study Finds 74% of Smokers Quit with Ecigs AND that E-Cigarettes are Less Addictive than Tobacco Cigarettes

Over 70% of smokers surveyed in a recent University of London survey quit smoking using e-cigarettes, and 38% had not had a cigarette for more than a year. Less Addictive The study also found that electronic cigarettes were less addictive than tobacco cigarettes. Only 18% of users said cravings for e-cigarettes were as strong as […]

Seven Quit Smoking Side Effects: The Essential Guide for New Vapers and Quitters

Although this is an electronic cigarette blog, I think this is an important post for both smokers quitting and for new vapers (electronic cigarette users). That’s because while some vapers switch to e-cigarettes effortlessly, others struggle, and some get withdrawals symptoms (especially those using zero nicotine electronic cigarettes). This year I’ve heard two people complaining […]

E-Cigarettes: Not just another NRT aid!

The Emperor’s New Electronic Cigarette! By Paul Bergen of CN Creative have announced that they are moving forward with plans to finish Nicadex, “a nicotine replacement therapy product for use as part of medically supervised smoking cessation programmes”. E-Cigarettes and Nicotine Replacement Therapy This sounded like very good news, another alternative for smokers. However, whereas there are several […]

DON’T quit cold turkey says big-pharm funded campaign (and why the campaign is wrong)

A campaign in Portsmouth is telling smokers NOT to quit cold turkey. Whose funding the campaign? Surprise, surprise, it’s Pfizer, a manufacturer of quit smoking aids. One problem – pharmaceutical aids, when measured at 12 months, have half the effectiveness of quitting cold turkey. In fact, according to one study, effectiveness can be low as 0.8% – […]

Vaping: It’s all about pleasure

By researcher Paul Bergen of What anti-smokers never seem to quite understand is that smoking is a pleasure.  It is not, as some have characterized it, a disease.  And any solutions or alternatives to smoking that are based on the ludicrous idea that people don’t actually enjoy it are bound to have dismal success […]

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