Velvet Glove Iron Fist Interview

An Interview with Author Chris Snowden 

Christopher Snowdon is the author of the extremely well reviewed Velvet Glove Iron Fist, A History of the Anti-Smoking Movement.

Chris generously agreed to be interviewed by us in what turned out to be a very wide-ranging interview covering his book, the Nazi anti-smoking movement, the electronic cigarette and much more.

As this was quite a long interview, we have broken it up into sections! Click on any one below to get started.


velvet-glove-iron-fist1. Velvet Glove Iron Fist
2. Funding for the Anti-Smoking Movement
3. Scientists and Public Health Organisations
4. The Nazi Anti-Smoking Movement
5. A Duty To Be Healthy: The Nazi Anti-Smoking Campaign and the Current Day Anti-Smoking Campaign
6. Third Hand Smoke
7. Nicotine and Electronic Cigarettes
8. Anti-smoking Groups and the Electronic Cigarette
9. Pharmaceutical Groups and Electronic Cigarettes
10. The UK government and the Electronic Cigarette
11. The Anti-Smoking Movement with No Smoking?
12. John Banzhaf and Ash International
13. The Anti-Smoking Lobby and the Erosion of Public Trust


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