Electronic Cigarette News , Posts and Hypocrisy

There is a lot happening in the e-cigarette world at the moment.


In Health Canada in the Running for Hypocrisy Award, Michael Siegel points out the hypocrisy of an organisation that takes e-cigarettes of the market while allowing a drug which is known to kill – Chantix – to remain on the market.

FDA Announcement

Our friends over at E-Cigarette Org have an excellent post on an FDA announcement on the electronic cigarette. During testing one lab run by the FDA (currently the defendant in a litigation case concerning the electronic cigarette), the FDA found one cartridge to contain trace quantities of one chemical that is harmful to humans: Diethylene Glycol ((see diethylene glycol in electronic cigarettes)). This chemical is already in tobacco and in currently approved NRT`s, a fact which was not mentioned in the announcement.

The anti-smokers also argued that saying the electronic cigarettes were for adults only was a direct marketing ploy aimed at children. Doh, what are we supposed to say – really good for the under fives? That would be sure to put off any potential teenage addict!

None of the anti-smokers in the announcement expressed any concern over the fourteen year old boy who died of a nicotine overdose after using gum handed out by a school – read the story here: Teenage boy overdoses on nicotine gum handed out by school.

Carinongens in NRT`s

Tobacco carcinogens are being put in NRT`s. Strangely, the FDA did not hold a press conference to announce this. And in a second blog post, Michael wonders whether the anti-smoking groups calling for the banning of the electronic cigarette will call for the banning of the pharmecutical groups niotine replacement aids. Hmm – where do their funds come from again…

Oh and e-cigarettes are a target for children, but the cherry flavoured nicotine replacement aids approved by the FDA are not, apparently…

Ash on the Attack Again

Ash is again attacking the electronic cigarette (page since removed), and their attitude is made clear:

`Being somewhat safer than the most dangerous product ever marketed is hardly a glowing recommendation, and certainly not the criteria which new medical products must meet.`

Somewhat safer, according to Dr Joel Nitzin, is between one percent and one tenth of one percent the risk of a cigarette – that`s a glowing recommendation for me!

The same article also stated:

`E-cigarettes also deliver significant amounts of propylene glycol, the same substance used to make antifreeze.`

And flour can be used to make bombs! He doesn`t mention that propylene glycol is also used to make beer, wine, moisturisers, in food additives and preservatives or that the anti-freeze made is a less toxic version than normal!

One E-Cigarette retailers said: `We figured this is a no-brainer, it`s healthier…` Think again! Where there are billions of dollars of pharmaceutical revenue (which provides funds for the public health groups), tobacco revenue (not known for scruples when it comes to public health) and government revenue ( tobacco taxes are an essential part of America`s plans for health reforms) at risk, being healthier is just not enough.

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  1. Whatever they say, I continue switching to electronic cigarettes. I can prove it myself that e-cigs are more risk-free than the conventional ones. Been using it for 3 months and I am enjoying the pleasure without the guilt of killing myself.

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