Eissenberg, do you really believe that e-cigarettes have no nicotine in them?
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Eissenberg, you are once again claiming that e-cigarettes do not contain any nicotine.

My problem with that is:

1. How can one million US smokers and one hundred thousand UK smokers be wrong? (As I write, one of our customers is asking if he can return a extra-high nicotine to be replaced with a high-nicotine, the extra-high being too strong!)

2. If you were correct (and I don’t think you would make this claim if you had tried an extra-high nicotine e-cigarette), why would over one million smokers replacing their cigarettes with a placebo be so bad that you have to campaign against them?

Are you a vaper? If so, do you get a nicotine hit from electronic cigarettes? Let us know in the comments.


Since we posted this, I have had a reply from Eissenberg, which I have published with our own comments:

Mr. Dunworth:

1) My name is spelled “Eissenberg” [I apologise for the typo.]
2) I never have said e-cigarettes do not have nicotine in them.  What I have said, and I quote, is:

“In sum, this study revealed that two electronic cigarette
brands do not expose electronic cigarette–naïve users to nicotine
or carbon monoxide under the acute testing procedures
described here, but do produce some tobacco
abstinence symptom suppression and positive ratings of
product acceptability. Although these results are necessarily
a function of the products tested and procedures used, they
suggest that electronic cigarette–naïve individuals may require
substantial motivation if they are to learn whatever
product/procedure combination maximizes these outcomes
for them. ”

[Note: You were however paraphrased/quoted as saying:

A pair of studies found that while real cigarettes deliver nicotine, e-cigs do not – despite claiming to do so.

“Neither of them delivered nicotine, which was surprising, because that is – in fact – exactly what they are supposed to do,” said Eissenberg.

He says smoking an e-cig is just like puffing on an un-lit cigarette – no nicotine, no tobacco – nothing.]

I have attached the relevant paper.

3) You might do well to keep up with my most recent findings.  [However, the  article quoting you was dated July 04, 2011 –  to readers at least it appears this is a new comment. If it isn’t, is it something you now retract?] I have attached some data that we presented to the Society for Research on Nicotine and Tobacco earlier this year.

Please note that you do NOT have permission to post any of the attached PDFs on any website or to forward to others. [Query: If your research can not be published or shared, how are we supposed to keep up with it?]


Tom E.


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3 Responses to “Eissenberg, do you really believe that e-cigarettes have no nicotine in them?”

  1. Kate July 11, 2011 at 6:43 pm #

    I suspect that Eissenberg doesn’t want his findings spread around too much because they’ll be proven wrong in the not too distant future.

    Nevertheless, it’s not such a bad thing if vaping doesn’t cause a significant physiological change, that’s one of the criteria for medicalisation.

  2. James July 11, 2011 at 9:04 pm #

    “I suspect that Eissenberg doesn’t want his findings spread around too much because they’ll be proven wrong in the not too distant future.”

    I think I agree with you. I think Bill Godshall has mentioned that his claims already clash with another study carried out. And anyone who has been vaping for a while knows the claim that e-cigs don’t deliver nicotine is absolutely absurd.


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