Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals

Black Friday & Cyber Monday Ecig Deals!

Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals

Grab a bargain in our online store between Black Friday and Cyber Monday. You can get 15% off everything in store, PLUS, special deals on standard Halo kits, Ultra Tank kits and Tank-1 kits with the coupon codes below.

  • Use the code “blackhalo” to get 25% off a standard Halo kit.
  • Use the Code “blackultra” to get a 38% off an Ultra Tank kit.
  • Use the code “blacktank” to get 40% off a Tank-1 Kit.

Don’t miss out on these great discounts, you don’t see deals like this every day!

These discount are available until midnight on the 2nd of December.

Please note that the 15% discount cannot be used on the products above with special codes, or products that have already discounted.

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