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Action on Smoking and Health Study Gives Lie To EU Claims That Children Are Using Electronic Cigarettes

Both in the run up to the discussions on whether to ban the ecig, and during the ENVI committee meeting yesterday, there’s been a recurring thread. That electronic cigarettes are a gateway to smoking.  That electronic cigarette could encourage children to take up smoking.  Indeed, one MEP told us that this was the biggest issue […]

Former Action on Smoking and Health (ASH) Director Reports Daily Mail ECig Story to Press Complaints Commission – And You Can Too!

You may have seen a recent article in the Daily Mail which claimed, without evidence, that electronic cigarettes are worse than tobacco cigarettes. (Steve Vape believes that the article was deliberately designed to drive traffic by making outragous claims. I’m inclined to agree!) The article enraged Clive Bates, former director of Action on Smoking and […]

News Flash: Action on Smoking and Health Changes Tune on E-Cigarettes

Some of us have been worried in the past about Action on Smoking and Health`s attitude towards electronic cigarette. While admitting that e-cigarettes were probably much better than smoking, the anti-smoking group has always been keen to push nicotine cessation aids as a better alternative. (NRT aids, while perfectly safe, have proved no more effective […]

Former Action on Smoking And Health Director Discusses Nicotine and Endorses Electronic Cigarettes and THR

In the latest in our series of interview with experts on electronic cigarettes and/or tobacco harm reduction, Paul Bergen interviews Clive Bates, former director of Action on Smoking and Health. Clive Bates has had a varied career in the private, public and not-profit sectors. He was the Director of London-based campaigning organisation Action on Smoking and […]

What have the Pope, Sex and Condoms got to do with ASH, Smoking and Electronic Cigarettes?

First, let’s just say that condoms bear no actual resemblance to electronic cigarettes. I think few people think condoms make sex better (well, maybe the ribbed ones…) whereas a lot of dedicated vapers think e-cigarettes are better than tobacco cigarettes. The comparison comes when we get to harm reduction. The Pope has said that we […]

ASH makes new discovery, danger of chemicals depends on who uses them (and who pays ASH cash)

In a fascinating new scientific discovery, ASH has found that the danger of some chemicals depends on who is making money out of them. For example, tiny traces of tobacco-specific-nitrosamines are absolutely harmless when used in products sold and promoted by ASH sponsors. Nicotine poses no danger when sold as a nicotine cessation product by […]

ASH American Electronic Cigarette Ban

ASH US recently announced the electronic cigarette faced an imminent ban in the US. Fortunately, as far as I am aware, courts in the US make their own decisions, and are not told what to do by ASH. Still, it continues to perplex me that anyone could oppose the electronic cigarette. As numerous scientists have […]

Bloggers Raise More Money Than Ash

Interesting to note that that pro-choice smoking bloggers have raised more money from the public than ASH. The Velvet Glove Iron Fist blog pointed out that ASH Wales raised just £2,697 from donations last year. More than £45,000 came from Pfizer. The rest was paid for by you and me – £115,800 came out of […]

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