Image of parliament.

Huge Parliamentary Support for E-Cigs

Yesterday saw an extraordinary debate in the House of Lords which was hugely helpful for vaping. Thank you to Ian Gregory of Abzed and The 100k Campaign for providing this summary, note and transcript.  Executive Summary Political support for the TPD among Westminster politicians has close to disappeared. All that is left is the legal […]

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Speakers at the ECigarette Summit.

Titans of the ECigarette Debate Clash: ECigarette Summit Review

The e-cigarette summit was a huge success yesterday – congratulations to e-cigarette-forum for organising the summit. I was blown away by the success of it! I’ve put together this summary for people who are interested but couldn’t attend. In particular, I think it’s important for e-cigarette advocates to understand the debate where it stands. Obviously, you […]

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What's Next For UK and EU Vapers: 12 Top Vapers, Campaigners and Politicians Comment

After intense lobbying from vapers, the EU last week decided not to classify electronic cigarettes as medical devices. But with the UK government intent on proceeding with a ban, and the EU still intent on banning online sales, the battle’s not over. We asked 12 vapers, campaigners and politicians what ‘s next for vapers in […]

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How to explain the science behind electronic cigarettes to MPs and MEPs

Following yesterday’s post, several e-cigarette users have shared replies from MPs and MEPs regarding the EU directive that seeks to effectively ban electronic cigarettes. While some of have promised to oppose the directive, others have asked for more information. In this post, I’m hoping to provide a summary of the science behind vaping without using […]

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What does the UK Gov think about e-cigarettes?

Want to know what the game changers – the UK Government, and the people who influence the government, politics think about e-cigarettes? There’s conflicting opinions. Anti-Smoking Groups Some people argue it is better for smokers who can’t quit or don’t want to quit to die rather than using a device which looks like a cigarette. Sheila […]

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Do vapers really need government ‘help’?

Recently the Nudge unit of the Cabinet Office came out in support of the electronic cigarette. The move lead Professor Rodu to argue: For the British government, the challenge now is to translate concepts into practical applications. Source: Tobacco Truth But do we  really need government ‘help’? While it’s great that the e-cigarette got such […]

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