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6 Super Electronic Cigarette Offers to Save You Pounds

It’s sale time at, and this month we’ve pulled out the stops to bring you SIX fantastic money saving deals – including, for the first time, 30ml HALO UK Eliquid! The offers are on: 10ml and 30ml UK Premium Eliquid The HALOl Mini Ecig Kit The Tank-1 Refillable electronic cigarette kit Aspire Clearomisers CE5 […]

3 Money Saving Ecig Offers

2 Super Electronic Cigarette Offers to Save You Pounds

It’s sale time at, and this month you can get great money saving offers on: Smoker’s Halo Mini Kit The Ultra Tank Kit UK Premium Eliquid   HALO Mini Kit: Just £14.99 £9.99 Usually costing £14.99, you can now get our popular mini kit for just £9.99 until the 30th of April. The mini […]

Revolving nicotine molecule.

Five Scientists Examine The Case for Electronic Cigarettes

In a new paper five scientists, Professor Polosa, Professor Brad Rodu, Assistant Professor Caponneto, Research Fellow Maglia and Assistant Professor Raciti, argue the case for electronic cigarettes. Professor Polosa also kindly agreed to answer some questions we had about the study. In the paper the authors highlight the  apparent safety and improving quality of electronic cigarettes, as […]

Breaking News: Australia Considers Ban on Tobacco Cigarettes, Forcing Smokers to Use Electronic Cigarettes

Update: The University of Queensland is now reporting that the study is funded by a National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC) project grant, and not by the Australian government, while Dr Coral Gartner Health Canal is disputing the whole story. (Thanks to Gregory Conley for the link.) According to The Age National, Australia is to consider a ban on […]

Government Minister Anna Soubry expresses shock.

UK Minister Ignores Parliament, Accidentally Votes to Ban E-Cigarettes

In an astonishing story of government incompetence, a UK minister ignored parliamentary procedure to vote for the EU tobacco directive which would ban electronic cigarettes. Even worse, she did not realise that voting for the tobacco directive would mean banning electronic cigarettes. This is what happened: The minister applied for a waiver of the usual […]

ECigaretteDirect, the Smoker’s Angel, in The Metro – Plus Some Clarifications!

We’ve been featured in the Metro in a largely positive story on e-cigarettes and the EU’s attempt to ban them. However, there are a few things I’d like to clarify! Vaporising Waste Products E-cigarettes contain nicotine but vaporise waste products. I’m not quite sure what Jayne meant by this (perhaps referring to vapour?), but waste […]

Awesome Sale, Potluck Eliquid Giveway and New Products

It’s sale time at This month we have a pot luck eliquid special offer, cartridge discounts and our two for one special offer on Smoker’s Halo ecigs, which will end this month. All offers will end on Tuesday 2nd July. Eliquid Pot Luck: Get two random flavours (imported only) This month we have a […]