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Halo E-Liquid Competition: FIFTY Chances to Win

Total Prize Value: £1819.66 The competition has now finished! Winners will be announced on this post by the 20th of November. All the competition winners have now been drawn. Congratulations to Marc in Bridgend who won the grand prize! Second place prize winners include Dino, Marko, Christopher, Florian and Tonny. If you’ve been selected as […]

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The Vape Debate

The Vape Debate: Who Pays Who?

I recently asked Lorien Jollye if she could write a post for us on vaping advocacy. Lorien’s a great advocate, and like many other advocates she’s digging deep into her pockets to campaign for e-cigarettes. The pressures are big – Lorien and others are constantly travelling to conferences and giving talks on e-cigs, and that […]

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New Website – and Apologies!

Yesterday when we were moving to our shiny new website AND a new host something went wrong. As soon as the website went live, it started sending out multiple emails to some customers. If you were one of the customers who received the emails, we’re deeply sorry. The issue is now fixed, and is highly unlikely […]

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Black Friday Ecig Deals

Black Friday Super Savers!

It’s nearly Black Friday, and from midnight tonight you’ll be able to get hold of three very, very special offers on Check this page after midnight tonight to find out how you can save big on your vaping supplies this Black Friday. Black Friday 50% Off Choose from 3 different product ranges and get […]

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Stephane Vlachos and the Stolen Ecig Patent

The Mystery of Stephane Vlachos and the Stolen Ecigarette Patent

It wasn’t so long ago that we all assumed Hon Lik invented the ecigarette. Then we found Herbert Gilbert invented a similar device in 1963, and that Dr Jacobson trialled a vaping device (albeit not electronic cigarette) in the late 70’s and 80’s. Now it seems there is another contender. If you look on the Simple English Wikipedia […]

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