The New York Times Gets it Wrong
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by: James Dunworth

A recent report in the New York Times managed to get all the facts wrong.

THOMAS H. MAUGH stated that:

1. 19 varieties of electronic cigarettes were analysed.

WRONG: Two varieties were analysed in the FDA report.

2. Many contained diethylene glycol (see diethylene glycol in electronic cigarettes).

WRONG: One contained diethylene glycol.

3. Half contained nitrosamines (the same carcinogen found in real cigarettes).

THE FULL STORY: Yes – but to find these they had to test at 40 parts per trillion. What was not mentioned is that cigarettes contain 300 – 1400 times the amount of nitrosamines contained in electronic cigarettes. (See a comparison by Professor Michael Siegel.)

The question is, is this just lazy journalism, or are journalists part of a concerted campaign to discredit the alternative to a product that kills hundred of thousands of people every year.

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