Daily Mail Ecig Scare Tactics

Daily Mail Ecig Story Will Lead To Early Deaths

Following a recent Daily Mail story, it wouldn’t be a surprise if you were worried about carcinogens in electronic cigarettes.

After all, the headline screamed:

Daily Mail headline claiming ecigs have 10 times as many carcinogens as tobacco cigs.

Scary, right?

Plus the report was released by the Japanese government, and everyone knows governments can be trusted. (No mention in the article was made of the fact the Japanese government own Japan Tobacco.)

Fortunately, in the e-cigarette world we are lucky to have researchers and scientists who are quick to investigate the source of stories like this.

Dr Farsalinos has pointed out that:

1. The claim referred to just one carcinogen, not all carcinogens as claimed in the Daily Mail headline.

2. The claim referred to just one brand of ecigarette of 10 tested.

3. The test data showed completely different results to the story.

In fact, the very worst brand of electronic cigarette tested contained levels of formaldhyde SIX times lower than compared to tobacco smoke.

Dr Farsalinos wrote:

Where does the “10 times higher than smoking statement” come from? I have no idea.


SourceElectronic cigarette aerosol contains 6 times LESS formaldehyde than tobacco cigarette smoke

Should there be any formaldehyde in ecigs?

You might think there should be no formaldehyde in ecigs. But in fact, formaldehyde can be found everywhere.

It’s present in our blood stream, our exhaled breath (albeit at very low levels) and in fruit, vegetables and meat.

The fact that some of the ecigs tested had no formaldehyde at all is quite impressive – which all serves to reinforce that if you are worried about formaldehyde, you should be careful what ecigarette and eliquid you buy.

Eliquids and e-cigarettes from ECITA members (and some other reputable UK suppliers) are tested for contaminants and levels of metals. We can expect to see the worst results from low quality, untested electronic cigarettes.

Unfortunately, The Daily Mail story will undoubtedly stop smokers from switching ecigarettes, and persuade some some e-cigarette users to revert to cigarettes.

Given the consensus amongst ecig researchers that ecigs are around 95% safer than tobacco cigarettes, the shocking truth is that this Daily Mail article will almost certainly cause unnecessary deaths.

What are your thoughts? Let me know in the comments below! 

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