How to Use the Aspire Bottom Dual Coil Clearomiser

In this video we review how fill and use the Aspire Bottom Dual Coil clearomiser

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Using the Aspire BDC Clearomiser couldn't be easier. 

First, remove the head, and put it to one side. [The bottom end of the clearomiser is removed and put to stand.]

We also find it helps to remove the drip tip, put it to one side, and then stand the clearomiser like this. [The top end of the clearomiser (the drip tip) is removed and the cleamosier put to stand.] This helps when filling it.

When filling the clearomiser, be careful not to get any eliquid into the center tube. 

Also, be careful not to go past the end of the center tube when filling it up. [The clearomiser is filled up to just below the center tube.]

That's about right. 

Next you want to put the bottom assembly back on to the clearomsier. 

When you do this, it helps to give a half to a full turn anti-clockwise before screwing it back on.

Now, put the drip top back on to the clearomiser. 

Finally, enjoy your vape!

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