12 Vaping Facebook Groups That Rock

Slowly but surely, vaper discussion is growing in Facebook, on walls, groups, pages – and even in the enemy camp!

And if you want to look for friendly facebook discussion, support or advice on vaping, here are six eleven twelve places to get started.

Vapors Lounge
Vapors Lounge


Run by users and proffessionals, including doctors, CASAA does sterling work to stop vaping bans and to educate both legislators and the general public (and so gets an honorary mention even though it’s a page, not a group). The group has over 1000 members on Facebook but more support is always good – if you join just one group/page on this blog post make sure it is this one.

2. Vapors Lounge

Set up by Vaping Mandy, this group is super friendly and super helpful, you just have to leave a note saying hi to get a dozen replies – even if you have never posted before. Discussion mostly focuses on different e-cigs, liquids and the vagaries of vape mail, but does veer off into other areas too.

(I’m not sure why it is called vapors lounge, not vapers lounge – maybe Vaping Mandy can explain 🙂 )

3. Vapers Network

Run by our friend Kate, the Vapers Network group shares the best vaping links from around the web with its 500+ members.

4. Vapers Grand Central

Vapers Grand Central, run by BK Ainsworth, hasn’t been set up long, but is already picking up lots of dedicated vapers as users. The group aims to bring vapers of the world together in order to show a united front against the forces which would force vapers back to cigarettes.

5. Campaign for Vaping in Pubs

Hammered by the smoking ban, UK pubs are shutting – in their thousands. But Rusty believes that vaping could be the miracle pubs have been waiting for. Check out the Campaign for Vaping in Pubs to support him.

6. Tobacco Harm Reduction

The Tobacco Harm Reduction group is a bit different from the other here, in that it is run by scientists rather than by users. THR experts are one of the biggest proponents and defenders of electronic cigarettes, so it is well worth joining the group to debate the latest news about e-cigs.

7. Stop the Vaping Ban

This group of 500 members works to promote vaping as an alternative to smoking and to organise the fight against vaping bans from interests who stand to lose money from the success of electronic cigarettes. Unfortunately, it is due to be archived soon if it is not updated to the latest version – if anyone knows TheGothBug, as the administrator is called, ask him to update the group!

The Smokers Angel

Finally, (and it’s not included in the number above because it is a page, not a group) don’t forget our own Facebook page and its 700+ memners:  The Smokers Angel 🙂 for friendly banter, monthly (at least!) competitions, the very best updates from the Ashtray Blog and the latest e-cigarette discounts.


8. The Vaping Cave

The Vaping Cave was started by Debbye Saladine Thomson, and provides support to new vapers. You have to ask to join the group, but membership approval is automatic (see Debbye’s comment below!) so don’t worry about rejection!

9. The Vapor Dungeon

Another ask to join group, the Vapor Dungeon has more vaping discussion, and many of the same members as Vapors Lounge.

10. SoCal Vapers Club

No, I haven’t misspelt the name! SoCal Vapers Club was started for vapers in Souther California, but welcomes members from anywhere.

11. ECig Vendors and ECig Products that are not recommended

The group does exactly what its title suggests. A good group for newcomers to vaping looking to avoid dodgy retailers.

12. The Vaping Community

Started by a retailer, The Vaping Community exist to help and support people who have switched to vaping.

Your Ideas?

Now, over to you. I am sure there are lots of other great Facebook groups and pages out there – why don’t you let me know about them in the comments, and I’ll add them here!

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  1. I started a group called vaperz realm, I didn’t think it would be as hard to get members lol. But I was once a chain smoker, not any more!!! I purely wanna spread the word,educate others as I learn about new things seemingly on a daily basis. And SAVE LIVES!!Any suggestions as how to help my group grow into a bigger community I would appreciate it greatly

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