Three Easy Ways to Clear a Flooded Coil

A black atomiser from the Smoker's Angel.

Got a gurgling noise when you inhale on your e-cigarette? Or simply not getting much vapour (but without the burned taste that goes with a burnt out atomiser?)

You probably have a flooded coil.

The good news is that flooded atomisers are easy to clear, and you should be back to vaping in no time.

How to Clear a Flooded Atomiser

There are numerous ways to clear an atomiser (see our e-book for more advanced strategies), but we are sticking to the simplest ways here.

1. Turn it upside down and leave to drain.
2. Hold it to your mouth and blow through it to clear some of the e-liquid out. (One of our customers sucks the e-liquid out with a baby aspirator. (Presumably her children now no longer require the aspirator 🙂 ))
3. Put an empty cartridge on the atomiser and simply use up the e-liquid. (But be careful not to burn out the atomiser.)
4. Bonus method: This comes from Stewart Olliphant on our Facebook page:

Handy hint, if your atomiser for the tank stops working, try using a steredent tablet in a cup of water, leave over night, flush with clean water, bingo, like new, it takes a few drags to return to normal as you need to flush the water through, but it’s worked for me and revitalised my atomisers!

Atomisers – the buggers don’t last forever!

A single atomiser stands on a table top.

Simply put, atomisers don’t last forever, and sooner or later your atomiser will simply give up the ghost and die. Signs of a detoriating atomiser can be:

  • decreasing amount of vapour
  • strange or burnt taste
  • just not working!

That’s why we brought in cartomisers several years ago – combining atomisers in disposable cartridges did away with atomiser problems. However, vapers who want to experiment enjoy the freedom refillable e-cigarettes give, which means dealing with atomisers (at least, until our new refillable cartomisers are in!)

If you bought your atomiser from us, it’ll be under a three month warranty (you’ll also get two free atomisers when you buy 6 bottles of our Halo Vapour Co e-liquid range).

Got a great atomiser tip? Why not leave share it below in the comments.

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10 thoughts on “Three Easy Ways to Clear a Flooded Coil

  1. You’re working on refillable cartomisers? Great! Keep us posted!

    I first tried e-cigarettes a few years ago, but found the atomisers didn’t last long and were fiddly, so I gave up. I love the cartomisers – problem solved, convenient and easy to use. But I like the idea of being able to refill them, trying different flavours and making your own blend of e-juice.

    E-cigarettes have come a long way in the past couple of years and there are continuous new and exciting developments. A brilliant idea and a great product.

  2. Hey everyone, I’m new here–from the United States. Really love this site, excelent info and great stuff I can use for my blog. I recently pruchased the new clearomizer and love it. However, it seems that lately it’s not giving out as much vapor as it used to. Anyone know how to clean out a clearomizer??

  3. Hey James, I really apprectiate your quick reply! I’m a brand new blogger writing about my experiences with e-cigs. My brother has a company in the US ( and sells the clearomizer. They’re pretty new on the market–I highly recommend them, the flavor is amazing! If you’re interested, my blog is I really enjoy your site and will be adding a link to it on my blog. Cheers!

  4. I enjoyed the story of how you switched, although I was quite shocked that your friends would abandon you just because you smoked! Tried to leave a comment but I don’t have a regular wordpress account – have you considered making it easier to leave comments?

  5. Thanks for reading James! Obviously it’s a work in progress 🙂 I was unaware that only wordpress users could leave a comment–that is unacceptable, thanks for letting me know! I will look into that today. I am learning a lot from your blog; very impressed with your quick and personal resposes–great job!

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