Electronic cigarette encrusted with diamonds and crystals.

The Most Expensive Electronic Cigarette in the World

What’s the most expensive bling electronic cigarette in the world?

Electronic cigarette encrusted with diamonds and crystals.

As my friend and fellow blogger Steve Vape has just discovered (page since removed), it’s a custom made electronic cigarette made for a Russian businessman which cost not much short of a million dollars, and was featured in the Daily Mail here.

How much did it cost?

Smoker's Angel bling batteries on a rough wooden background
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The Russian businessman, an anonymous UK based oil magnate, spent a cool £550,00o on the e-cigarettes, worth an impressive $891385 at the current exchange rate.

(No doubt the businessman will be gutted when he realises that he could have ordered one of our own bling batteries this week and got 30% off!)

The e-cigarette took four months to create, and features:

  • authentic hand blown Italian glass from the Venetian island of Murano
  • 46 yellow Swarovski crystals
  • a $46,000 six carat oval diamond on the tip
  • a 24 gold carat button and clearomiser base (let’s hope the clearomiser lasts longer than the standard month or so!)

The e-cigarette even has its own name – Shisha Sticks Sofia.

The Russian oligarch who commissioned the design wishes to remain anonymous, but if it’s going to be used in public, it shouldn’t be too long before the media work out who purchased the super-bling e-cigarette.

(I came across this story in Vaper Block, a Facebook group for vaping bloggers. If you blog about e-cigarettes and like sharing ideas, check it out!)

3 thoughts on “The Most Expensive Electronic Cigarette in the World”

  1. Blimey thats a lot of bling ^^

    Whilst the clearo looks a bit like the lock stock ones if you look inside the “tube” of the glass it looks like quite a fancy one in there.

    My daughters bought me for my upcoming birthday a Smok gold chrome e-pipe which is apparently pretty blingalicious cos their nickname for me is Popeye :S

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