Daily Mail coverage of the alleged link between vaping and heart attacks.

Junk Vape Heart Attack Study Pulled – But Damage is Done

A vape study co-published by Stanton Glantz which claimed vaping causes heart attacks was finally retracted yesterday by the Journal of the American Heart Association (JAHA).

The study had incensed vape researchers after it claimed that using vape products caused heart attacks – while failing to mention that most of the subjects in the study had suffered heart attacks BEFORE starting vaping.

Unfortunately, research by Glantz on vaping and its effect on the heart has already been widely cited and reported in the media…

As a result, the study has likely, both directly and indirectly, discouraged smokers from switching to vaping, with some likely to experience an early death as a result.

You’d hope to see some coverage of the retraction in the media in an attempt to undo the damage. Unfortunately, we tend to see a recurring pattern.

  1. A junk vape study is released.
  2. It gains exposure on the media and is cited by ‘experts’ as a reason to ban/restrict/warn about vaping.
  3. The study is analysed and found to have major flaws – but the analysis receives no coverage.

Meanwhile, a stream of positive research, such as a recent study that found that the birth weight of babies born to vaping mothers is similar to that of non-smokers, is largely ignored.

Stanton Glantz, Credibility and ITV

Stanton Glantz is an unusual figure.

The Professor trained in aerospace engineering but has been involved in numerous medical studies on smoking and vaping.

Glantz is fervently anti-nicotine and anti-vaping. He would prefer people smoked rather than vaped, and according to a recent Guardian article, scuppered a deal to ban tobacco advertising and sales to children because it allowed the tobacco industry to continue existing.

The heart attack study is the latest in a series of questionable studies.

In the UK, finally, he is increasingly being ignored by the media as his credibility and reputation diminish. (Two sexual harassment cases haven’t helped.)

That was until a recent documentary on vaping on ITV was released, which invited Glantz to discuss vaping while ignoring UK scientists who have been conducting research into electronic cigarettes for years.

That’s the same program that claimed that vaping is causing severe respiratory illnesses and deaths – while failing to mention the real cause (Vitamin E Acetate in illicit cannabis products).

Once again in the world of vaping, hysteria and junk science fuelled by ideology are gaining coverage while sound science into vaping is being ignored.


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  1. I get sick of reading the crap these people come out with turkey banned the import of e cigs the president turned down the business of an unnamed company that wanted to produce them in his country and why because of those gun hoo idiots the other side of the atlantic,iv been vaping a few yrs now before that struggled to breath wife would get lung problems if i smoked in the house vaping dose’nt bother her at all and i feel great,,only one way to go as far as i am concerned

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