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Breakthrough Battery: The Vape Mod That Charges in 15 Minutes

The Geekvape Obelisk 120 FC is no longer available with us at E-Cigarette Direct. For other devices in the Obelisk range, see the Obelisk 200, Obelisk 60 and Obelisk 65 kits.

You’re vaping away, when the battery runs out just as you’re leaving the house. 

Soon the nicotine cravings hit – along with the temptation to buy a pack of cigarettes.

It’s a problem many vapers face. You either need to:

  • have two devices
  • have a device that takes replaceable batteries 
  • or put up with the temptation to buy cigarettes. 

Geekvape may have come up with a solution with the Geekvape Obelisk 120 FC.

(FC, as you might guess, stands for Fast Charging.)

The new Geekvape Obelisk 120 FC is a compact, credible vape mod which delivers good performance. 

But what’s really special about it is the battery. 

Fastest charge yet

Geekvape Obelisk FC 120 with USB cord.

The Obelisk has a respectable 3700 mAh capacity. Yet now we have a sample, we can confirm the battery really does have a ridiculously quick charging time of just 15 minutes (when used with the included wall charger). 

This would be incredibly fast for a simple pod system with a much smaller battery capacity. But for a device with a battery capacity of 3700 mAh, it’s lightning-fast. 

How does it work?

As with other fast charging solutions, the Geekvape Obelisk uses PD (power delivery).   

PD is a specification that enables two devices to communicate with one another. In effect, the devices talk to each other to find out how much power can be safely transferred. In addition to making charging safer, it can also speed up the charging process. 

PD can also be used to charge devices at higher wattages, which means they charge at higher speeds. 

It’s widely used in phone devices, but usually at lower wattages. For example, the Apple iPhone 11 charges at 18 watts, while the Samsung Galaxy S20 charges at up to 45 watts. Chinese companies have been leading the technology here, with devices charging at up to 120 watts. 

The Obelisk itself charges at 65 watts, resulting in the incredibly fast charging speeds we experienced.  

How long does the Obelisk battery last?

Geekvape estimates the fully-charged battery will last two days. We found that it lasted a bit less with heavy use at 55 watts – a still respectable one day.

Geekvape also states that the Obelisk 120 FC has an incredibly long battery life with one million puffs at 60W. Obviously, we haven’t managed to test this, and this is an estimate based on the durability of the battery and the circuit, not on machine testing.

It’s also a power bank!

Geekvape Obelisk side view.

The Obelisk 120 FC also comes with another neat feature – OTG Reverse Charge. 

Reverse charge means you can use the device to charge other devices such as mobile phones.

In practice, this means it can act as a power bank as well as a vape mod. 

The device also utilises USB PD for charging other devices. 

Do note this will only work with other devices which have PD functionality. This is usually indicated by a PD sticker. Devices without PD functionality will be charged up at their normal speed. 

Low charging temperatures

PD also works in other ways in the Geekvape Obelisk 120 FC. Working together with the upgraded chip in the mod, the device delivers a low maximum charging temperature of 48.5 C. This again increases the safety of the charging. 

The Zeus tank

Geekvape Zeus Tank

While this post is primarily about the mod, the included Zeus tank does deserve a mention too – not least because it has been rated the best sub-ohm vape tank on the market by some reviewers. 

The Zeus tank comes with large ports in the coil which makes it perfect for high VG vaping. 

The neat e-liquid troughs around the filling hole help capture any errant e-liquid and show a nice attention to detail. It also comes with precise dual airflow control. All in all, it’s a great option for Direct-Lung vapers who like serious clouds of vapour. 

Zeus Tank

  • Highly rated by independent reviewers
  • Quick change coil system
  • Easy-to-use top fill
  • Large wicking holes
  • Intense flavour
  • Superb option for clouds
Zeus Tank

A year for new technology?

I’m excited about the Obelisk 120 FC, as the fast charging takes away a big pain point for vaping and represents a major breakthrough in technology. As soon as it comes into stock we’ll be adding it to our best vape kits roundup. 

It’s also one of several interesting devices we’ve seen this year. The Innokin EQ FLTR, despite some teething issues, is one of the closest devices in terms of feel to a cigarette. Meanwhile, the new Innokin Sensis is the first device to introduce auto-priming

That makes a great start to the year for vaping. I hope we can look forward to both more new technology and to a time when these technologies are brought together in one device.

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  1. This sounds like a very useful and and interesting mod. I will be in the market for it, depending on the price, which I suspect will be expensive.

  2. I thought so! Too expensive for me I’m afraid. I’ll wait until the technology becomes more mainstream, and , hopefully, cheaper.

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