E-Cigs & PG Sensitivity

Exploring PG Allergy: Sensitivities, Allergies and What Vapers Can Do About It

Find out if you are allergic or sensitive to PG, and what to do if you are…. Somewhere between the failed cold turkey attempt and the disappointing experience with Chantix, he’d lost hope. He started to feel like he was just destined to die prematurely with battered, barely-functioning lungs. But seeing a friend vaping had […]

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Pets and vaping - What are the risks

Pets and Vaping: What’s the Risk?

My cat is a curious sort. If there’s somewhere you don’t want her to go or something you don’t want her to chew on, you better believe she’ll do it. So when I started having bottles of e-juice around the house, I was understandably cautious. A tragic story of a puppy that died after getting […]

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E-liquid poisonings banner, with skull and crossbones in the background.

E-Liquid Poisonings: 10 Statistics All Vapers Should Know

Like many people, Bernd Mayer had encountered the widespread claims that 60 mg of nicotine is enough to kill an average-sized adult. But unlike most people, he didn’t accept it at face value. He went to look for the actual evidence. After following a chain of “circular and often misleading references” he eventually found where […]

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Nitrosamines in E-Cigarettes: Do You Need to Worry?

By James Dunworth and Paul Bergen Do you need to worry about nitrosamines in electronic cigarettes? Short answer: no. But let’s elaborate. The Background In 2009 an FDA study found traces of nitrosamines in eliquid. Shortly after, headlines across the world screamed that electronic cigarettes were as bad as cigarettes – despite the fact that: […]

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Diethylene Glycol in Electronic Cigarettes: What They Never Told You!

By Paul Bergen and James Dunworth FDA Alert: Electronic cigarettes contain diethylene glycol Four years ago the FDA said they had found diethylene glycol (DG) in e-cigarettes. (See The FDA, the MHRA and The Electronic Cigarette for more information.) What wasn’t reported was that that traces of DG had only been found in one e-cigarette, belonging […]

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