UK E-Liquid Testing

Enjoy Peace Of Mind

Ever wondered what’s in your e-liquid?

Every flavour in each range is tested by UK scientists in a Government approved laboratory.

We test for known harmful compounds that are often found in e-liquid. These include Diacetyl, Acetyl Propionyl, Ethylene Glycol, Diethylene Glycol and Acetoin.

Each flavour is also tested to verify nicotine strength.

Inhaling anything is never going to be 100% safe. But it’s our mission to ensure that e-liquid we sell is as safe as we can make it.

American Red

Halo E-Liquid American Red

Apple & Apricot

Halo E-Liquid Apple and Apricot

Blackjack Twist

Halo E-Liquid Blackjack Twist

Blueberry Burst

Halo E-Liquid Blueberry Burst

Bubble Trouble

Halo E-Liquid Bubble Trouble

Cherry Bakewell

Halo E-Liquid Cherry Bakewell

Classic Virginia

Halo E-Liquid Classic Virginia

Coffee Cream

Halo E-Liquid Coffee Cream

Crazy Custard

Halo E-Liquid Crazy Custard

Fruit Fusion

Halo E-Liquid Fruit Fusion

Menthol Blast

Halo E-Liquid Menthol Blast

Popular Blend

Halo E-Liquid Popular Blend

Pure Passion

Halo E-Liquid Pure Passion

Raspberry Crush

Halo E-Liquid Raspberry Crush

Spearmint Breeze

Halo E-Liquid Spearmint Breeze

Summer Strawberry

Halo E-Liquid Summer Strawberry

Vanilla Icecream

Halo E-Liquid Vanilla Icecream


Simple Vape Co E-Liquid Chocalaccino

Honeycomb Cream

Simple Vape Co E-Liquid Honeycomb Cream

Mint Choc Chip

Simple Vape Co E-Liquid Mint Choc Chip

Peaches & Milk

Simple Vape Co E-Liquid Peaches and Milk

Rush Rush Yayo!

Cheap Thrills E-Liquid Rush Rush Yayo!

Sunset Strip

Cheap Thrills E-Liquid Sunset Strip

Golden Pomelo

Zap Juice E-Liquid Golden Pomelo

Lychee Lemonade

Zap Juice E-Liquid Lychee Lemonade

Purple Slushie

Zap Juice E-Liquid Purple Slushie

Vintage Cola

Zap Juice E-Liquid Vintage Cola

Marshmallow Breeze

Far Series E-Liquid Marshmallow Breeze

Neon Green Slushie

FAR E-Liquid Neon Green Slushi

Neon Red Slushie

Far Series E-Liquid Neon Red Slushie

Pineapple Bliss

FAR E-Liquid Pineapple Bliss

Strawberry Cupcake

FAR E-Liquid Strawberry Cupcake

Lemon E11even

Miami Drip Club E-Liquid Lemon E11even

Little Havana

Miami Drip Club E-Liquid Little Havana
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