Which to ban: Ecigs or Tobacco (Infographic)

Thanks to Randall from UnAirNeuf.org for sending me the link to this infographic from Agence Nomad, which includes a fascinating comparison of the emissions from smoking cigarettes and tobacco. Please consider posting it on your own blog (attributing it to Agence Nomad, of course.)


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2 thoughts on “Which to ban: Ecigs or Tobacco (Infographic)

  1. That’s a fantastic graphic. I especially like the composition breakdown. That really illustrates the dangers of analogs. Some of the other numbers are just staggering.

  2. Very interesting infographic!

    And of course the answer is BAN NEITHER. Adult people should be free to choose what they do to their own bodies. In an already out of control nanny state we don’t need to give the bansturbators any encouragement.

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