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Vaping Etiquette: What Actual Vapers Say (Infographic)

Last month we surveyed over 1000 readers to find what the consensus is on how vapers should behave (see The Ten Rules of Vaping Etiquette for the original post).

There are three reasons we did this:

  • Vaping Etiquette is contentious, often triggering disagreement online (especially on Reddit!)
  • Non-vapers feel happy to produce infographics telling us how we should behave – but surely it is a matter for the community to decide!
  • Extreme examples of vaper behaviour have been publicised, giving us all a bad name, despite the fact the majority of us are polite. We hoped to prove that with this survey!

To make it easy to digest the information, we put the responses into an infographic.
Vaping Etiquette Infographic

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In the recent furore over adoption, experts clarified that they saw e-cigs as posing low or zero risk to children.

Still, one third of vapers would NEVER vape around children (Tweet this), while 62.1% would only do it with respect and regard to location (Tweet this). (Location perhaps needs explaining. When we posted the survey, we suggested that a school yard could be considered unacceptable, but if you are in a vape shop and a parent walks in with a child, do you really need to stop vaping?)

Still, in the comments lot of vapers said they would not vape around children for fear of influencing them to become smokers. While there’s no evidence ecigs are a gateway to smoking, it’s obvious that some vapers are still concerned.

Respect for Smokers

One accusation that has often been levelled at vapers is that they have no respect for the smokers.

While the saying that ‘converts are the worst fanatics’ may be true, our survey shows that is not the case for most vapers.

Over eighty percent of vapers told us they would only tell smokers about the benefits of switching to vapers if smokers asked, while just 0.3% of respondents believed smokers should be criticised for smoking.

Respect for Non-Smokers

Vapers also believe in respecting non-smokers. 70.4% wouldn’t even blow vapour in someone’s face at a Vapefest (Tweet this), and only 1.5% would vape in a restaurant without asking first (Tweet this). This was reiterated in the comments, with many people emphasising they always ask for permission before vaping inside or in a public place.

What else do vapers think is important?

We asked what else should be included in vaper’s etiquette – and over 500 people replied. As obviously we can’t include them all in here, I’ve pulled out some of the key themes.

  • Don’t be a vape snob, and don’t make fun of other vapers’ equipment (Tweet this). (Lots of comments on this topic!)
  • Don’t leave your vaping equipment unattended, especially around children or pets (Tweet this).
  • Ask first before vaping, especially in cars or other people’s houses (Tweet this).
  • Respect vapers, smokers and non-smokers alike (Tweet this).
  • Always ask before using someone else’s equipment (Tweet this).
  • Be considerate, and use common sense!


Once again, thank you to so much to everyone who took part in the survey (and congratulations to the winners, who were announced in the previous etiquette post.) And next time someone accuses vapers of being rude, perhaps considering showing them this infographic!

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Thank you 😉

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