Voop Juice E-Liquid Challenge

Voop Juice and The Voop Juice Challenge

We do not offer these flavours anymore, but you can check out our variety of Halo e liquid flavours.

After the success of our barbeque e-liquid at last year’s Vapefest (one vaper told us it was the first time he had tasted anything since a stroke!) we are now launching a delicious new range of e-liquid called:

Voop Juice

The first two e-liquids are now available at an amazing launch price of 99p!

They are:

Cheese and onion e-liquid

Cheese and Onion: A strong blue cheese flavour with elements of raw onion and undertones of mould which grates deliciously against the palate.

Garlic e-liquid

Garlic: Savour the powerful, raw garlicy taste of garlic e-liquid- the perfect e-liquid to vape before kissing elderly aunts and 100% guaranteed to ward off vampires.

Just look at the pictures of our happy staff vaping Voop Juice:

Voop Juice Reaction 1

Staff Reactions to Voop Juice

Voop Juice E-liquid reactions

Voop Juice makes a great present for:

  • mothers-in-law
  • ex-girlfriends and boyfriends
  • any politicians you might know.

The Voop Juice Challenge

Can you vape Voop Juice (or even voop Voop Juice) on a YouTube video?

Share the link with us in the comments below. Tweet your videos with the hashtag #voopjuice and we’ll embed the best ones on this post. Our favourite video will win an Aspire CF Sub Ohm battery and Aspire Atlantis clearomiser!

The final date for entry is 30th April.

And here is the first video (thank you, Gareth Witty!)

Scroll down for more great reaction videos

New Flavours Coming Soon

We’re continuing to work on our range of delicious Voop Juices, many of them inspired by the tradition of excellence in British foods.

These are just some of the delicious flavours coming soon:

  • Cockle and Laverbread
  • All Day Breakfast
  • Fish and Chips
  • Chips and Tomato Sauce
  • School Dinner
  • Chip Butty
  • Mushy Peas
  • Sushi
  • Faggot and Haggis
  • Black Pudding
  • Marmite
  • Marsh Pony
  • Lambs Eyeballs

What other flavours would you like to see? Let us know in the comments and we’ll see what we can do! While you’re waiting, don’t forget to check out this list of 9 of the world’s most bizarre e-liquid flavours!

If you’re looking for even more unusual vaping flavours, don’t forget to check out our e-lager range!

Or for a more palatable and pleasant experience, try our Halo UK e-liquid range.

Vapers reactions to Voop Juice

Lee Johnson from E-Cigarette Reviewed left us a lovely review of Voop Juice:

Scott Wichall has a great reaction to Voop Juice:

Vape meet for the Voop Juice challenge:

Vapers trying Cheese and Onion flavour at a vape meet.

They must be brave because here they are vaping on Garlic flavour Voop Juice on an RDA. Those are some smelly clouds!

Here’s Ljubica Kljaic from Switch to ECig’s picture review:

7 thoughts on “Voop Juice and The Voop Juice Challenge”

    1. Shh 😉 But yes you’re right. The competition and the e-liquid is real however! But when they’re gone… they’re staying gone!

  1. Chris AKA Tyssul

    Oh boy what a challenge for the “Smokers Angel” I just love the idea of these crazy flavors being Vaped.
    For me, a lover of Garlic, Chile and all things hot I would say a must would have to be a nice strong Chile & Garlic combination. Oh what a ripper that would be. I just can’t wait!!

  2. I looked up ‘mushy peas vape’ on a whim and came up with the voop juice challenge! Brought tears to my eyes (literally) … brilliant! I would be curious to see a mushy peas vape though!

  3. My Fiancé would love to see broccoli and cheese
    And I would love to try a chick fil a flavor of chicken biscuits

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